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10 Habits of Happy People

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I don’t think that there is anyone who does not desire to live a happy life. Everyone will agree to the fact that they want to be happy.

Being happy for some people could be through their work, relaxing, having fun, reading their favorite book, seeing that movie that leaves them fuzzy.

But the truth is, being happy requires more than that. People who have become accustomed to being happy no matter the situation they are in have discovered some habits that they keep practicing.

Conquerors, I’ll be sharing with you some habits that happy people have imbibed.

1 Make happiness a priority

Many people think that they will become happy by just sitting, and wishing for happiness to come to them. This is the difference between them and happy people.

Happy people know that they are given the choice to be happy and to create their happiness. The perspective you have concerning things also influences your ability to be happy.

Start by making happiness a priority. Decide to be happy. Try to do things that will make you happy daily.

Choosing happiness

2 Be around happy people

Happiness is contagious has been said and agreed upon by many people, this is why happy people surround themselves with happy people.

When you are around people that are optimistic and happy, it rubs off on you. The same way sadness rubs off on you when you are around people who complain, murmurs, and talks about how sad they are.

3 Have enough sleep

Medical experts agree with the fact that getting enough sleep makes you have an improved mood, focus, and energy. To be happy daily, choose to get enough sleep.

4 Embrace the present

What is currently going on right in your life? Currently, have you been able to achieve anything? What are you doing right?

Happy people have learned to focus and live in the present. They have the understanding that dwelling in past wrongs, mistakes, or guilts will not do them any good. It will only steal their happiness.

Yes, you may have done things in the past that you are not proud of. You may have fallen short of your expectations. You may try to correct the past. 

What you can do for yourself is accept the fact that it was your past, and you cannot do anything about it. Don’t focus on your past mistakes. Forgive yourself or the people that hurt you.

Also, worrying about the future doesn’t mean that everything will automatically become good or great. Stop fretting about what is to come. Focus on the present and where you are, that is only how you can be happy.

5 Have self-love

If there is one thing most people have failed to practice is self-love. They don’t love themselves the same way they love others. They are good at beating themselves up for the mistakes they would readily forgive others. This shows how less we think of, and live ourselves.

Conquerors, becoming truly happy is easier when you learn to love yourself because you will be keener on making decisions or choices that will leave you happy, and satisfied.

Loving yourself makes you aware that your happiness is not in anyone’s hands but yours, this is what happy people have realized.

6 Be grateful

Another habit of happy people is taking time to count their blessings or achievement, and being truly grateful for them.

Gratefulness opens their mind to see what is working currently in their lives, and as a result, they are happy. It also reduces stress and anxiety which could lead to sadness which results from focusing on what isn’t right or not working.

Today, I’m urging you to sit down with a pen and paper, list what you have achieved or what is going on well in your life currently. Take the time to be grateful for them, and see your mood improve.

8 They forgive

Holding on to grudges hurts, or mistakes are detrimental to the person who holds on to it. This is why an unforgiving person has often been described as one who holds on to fire, expecting it to burn another person when in reality, it only burns them.

Conquerors, to be happy, you need to forgive people who have hurt or offended you. This is a favor you are doing to yourself, and not just them.

Practicing forgiveness like other happy people frees you from bitterness and the stress that comes from harboring people in your mind.

When you forgive people, don’t also allow them to hurt you any longer. Prevent yourself from getting hurt in the future.

9 Be expressive

I know a lot of people who find it difficult to express how they truly feel at several points in their lives. They prefer to suppress everything and bear it all on their own.

Try to be in touch with your feelings. Accept the fact that you are permitted to be angry, sad, or unhappy. But, refuse to dwell at that point forever.

10 Have a growth and positive mindset

It is hard to be a happy person when you have a mindset that is not growing and when your mindset is not positive.

A mindset that continually grows and evolves has a broader perspective on life. Also, you know and accept where you need changes in your life, and you are not afraid of making those changes.

A positive mindset makes you look at things differently. For example, someone who waits for hours to be attended to can be complaining about that, a person with a positive mindset can see that time as an opportunity to listen to that podcast, or read that book while waiting.

It makes you not just see things like normal people, and this makes you happier than other people.


Conquerors, I hope this helps you to live a happy life. Also, try to adopt these ideas in a way that fits you, and I’ll love to hear from you.

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