2022 Korean Series You Should Check Out

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Based on popular demand, I’ve curated the 2022 Korean series I have watched and loved. I’ve also added two non-Korean series I liked.

The weekend is often a great time to unwind and if you are like me, seeing a good series is a great way to do that.

Let’s jump right into the 2022 Korean series. You should check out.

Again my life

While seeking justice against a powerful man in the country, a young prosecutor gets killed.

However, he has a chance or starting over when the grim reaper gives him another chance.

Welcome to Wedding Hell


Getting engaged to someone you love dearly is incredible. Looking for a fairytale wedding is what most people dream of. But what happens when the reality is different from expectations?

A couple in their 30s has more clashes than they thought of when planning their wedding. The series is a romantic drama.

Woori the Virgin

The series is an adaptation of Jane the Virgin and a romantic comedy. Honestly, I prefer Jane the Virgin to this adaptation.

During Oh Woo-ri’s regular check-up, she was mistakenly inseminated with Raphael’s sperm. Raphel is a CEO of a big cosmetic group.

The downside is that so many problems arise, and Woori planned to be pure till marriage.

Kiss Sixth Sense

Ye-Sool has a remarkable ability to see
Ever since she was little, Ye-Sool has had a unique ability. Whenever her lips touch someone else, she can see that person’s future. However, she’s unclear whether this premonition is a month or even several years in the future.

Working at an advertising company, Ye-Sool enjoys her work but despises her boss, Min-Hu. One day, her lips accidentally touch Min-Hu’s neck. The premonition she sees? Only the tiny detail of them in bed together!


Choi Jun-woong fails severally to get a job even after countless interviews. Accidentally, he meets Koo Ryeon and Lim Ryung Gu, who are grim reapers and have a job of preventing suicide.

Jun-Woong joins them as a young contractor in the crisis management team to help prevent suicide and pending when he wakes from his coma.

Crazy love

The series is a romantic comedy that shows the love story between South Korea’s top instructor and founder of GOTOP institute with his secretary.

Noh Go-jin constantly receives death threats, and his attitude makes it impossible for his secretary to last more than three months.

Lee Shin-ah is the only secretary who stays up to a year. When she receives a misdiagnosis that she has little time left, she pretends to be Noh Go-jin’s secretary, who also pretends to have amnesia from an accident.

Forecasting love and weather

Love blooms between a director in a national weather service and a free-spirited forecaster.

After the director’s a bad breakup with her ex-fiance, who also doubles as her co-worker, she promises not to enter into a relationship with her co-worker, but love becomes impossible to predict.


For a few days, two best friends for more than two years move in together to help the girl write her lyrics.

The line between friendship and relationship becomes blurred as the feelings they have for each other begin to surface.


Non-Korean series


When a politician and lawyer decides to run for a mayoral position in Bilbao, her intimate video is leaked.

In the series, privacy violation is portrayed and the effect it has on victims. It is a Spanish series, and Itziar Ituno, who played the lead role, acted beautifully.


The series focuses on the Bridgerton family and is set in the Regency era where during a social season, people of marriageable age are launched into the society.

In the series, the Bridgerton family tries to find love while facing situations they try to navigate.


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