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3 hacks to stand out in your career

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I have noticed that many people, after acheiving great feats in their career, chosen endeavor, academics or anything that they had previously committed to, they start slacking behind. The motivation they once had suddenly seem to diminish.

How do you get over this? And what do you do in order to continually stay on top your career, academics, or any endeavor?

There are 3 things that can help you:

Never stop learning: Remember there is always a competition out there for what you can do. To continually be in high demand, or to continually stand out, you have to keep reading like you used to, upgrade your skills, and attend those classes. You can’t achieve Excellence by using the last version of yourself to do what an updated version of you requires.

Always reference God:You should know and remember that all you are, and hope to achieve is from God. So, never get to that point where you refuse to reference God.

Let go of things that make you stop learning: This is very crucial because many people, after achieving a few feats or milestones tend to relent. What most times comes to their mind is that they have achieved it already, so why should they keep putting in the effort? Let go of the pride, overconfidence, or anything, and keep learning.
Push for more while trusting God.
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