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3 reasons why you are enough

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I find it surprising that though most people know how amazing, awesome and great they are. Yet, they still see themselves as not enough, not beautiful or handsome, ineptitude, a failure and all that.

Others see you achieving so much, living your life on your own terms, attracting good things into your life, and they are not surprised because “you are phenomenal” so why don’t you see yourself that way?

The reasons could be because of a low self-esteem, a bad past or these tiny voices in your head that want to dim your light and make you cower when you are supposed to shine bright.

How do you start believing that you are enough?

1) See yourself as your fan sees you:
Let me assume that there is a celebrity or influencer that you love because of who they are, and what they have been able to achieve. Imagine hearing that with all their fame, achievement and money, they still see themselves as not worthy of all the things they have. you will see them as being absurd, right?

That is the same way your fans, and others see you. Imagine them listening to all those negative voices in your head which screams that you are not enough, undeserving and a failure. You are way more than what those voices tell you. So, be your own biggest die-hard fan and root for yourself.

2) Love yourself:
You cannot see yourself as enough if you don’t love yourself. Learn to love yourself regardless of your past, failure, how many times you disappoint yourself, e.t.c.

It will be easier to see yourself as being enough and deserving when you start loving yourself unconditionally. So, make that choice today.

3) You deserve your success:
The life you are living didn’t just fall on your lap, you worked for it. Yes, you might have been born into an easy background, had privileges and opportunities. But, you decided what to do with those opportunities and privileges.

So, see yourself as deserving of all the success, awards, recognition and happiness you have been able to garner all these years. And, by all means, strive for more, and be more.

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