3 tricks to improve that talent

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Most of us are actually working at places, or studying courses (for undergraduates) that we never dreamt of studying. It seems like circumstances changed things for us, and we had virtually no control over it.

In all these, we all have that talent we love so much. It comes easily for us but, we can’t seem to dedicate much time to it probably because of being occupied with life, or a career that has no need for the talent.

Talent according to the English dictionary is defined as a marked natural ability or skill. Though it is natural, you need to put in the work, so that it becomes easy for you to do.

This year, while making goals for your health, finances, spirituality and others, I think you should also pay much attention to that talent you have neglected for so long.

That talent you have laid dormant can bring you extra resources or the second stream of income that you have been looking for, if only you can turn it into a skill.

How do you do that?

1 Learn from those succeeding at it:

There are people that are making money from the same talent you have, and have been neglecting. You could meet one of them to coach you, mentor you, or simply teach you how they do it. It is necessary to learn in order to improve.

2 Practice: You cannot become a good footballer, artiste or writer without investing in time and resources to practice. Yes, your schedule can be really busy, but you could at least take 10 minutes to work on that talent. Right? You should know that people create time for what is important to know. So, see thet talent as important, create time and practice it.

3 Be ready to fail and learn again: I know some really talented people who can’t seem to display their talent because they are afraid of failing or being mocked. How can you get better if you don’t at least try? You need to put yourself out there.

If you’ve written a whole lot of books, try by at least posting it online, and get ready for the constructive criticism. It will make you get better.

Try playing that football with others on the field, that is the only way you can get better.

Do that design you have been holding out on. You don’t know that you might just wow some people.

This year, don’t keep that light under the bushel. 

The world is waiting to see it. 

I am cheering you on.

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