4 Books I Read In June

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The books I read in June were interesting and also touched on various subjects or areas I needed.

So, in no particular order here are the 4 books I read in June. I’m open to book recommendations too.

1 Ace of spades

Niveus, an all-white High school accepts two black kids every 10 years, they are usually students with great potential. They make those kids’ life hell and forces them to drop out.

Chiamaka Adebayo and Devon were the two victims who refused to give up and ultimately made the world aware of what the school did.

In the novel, racism at its peak was highlighted, and betrayal and most importantly courage was shown.

While reading, I got so mad at the lengths people would go to destroy other people’s lives. But the book is a great read and I highly recommend it.

2 I decided to live as me

I decided to live as me is the first book I’ve ever read by a Korean author, and honestly, it was the title that drew me in.

The graphics used in enunciating major things in the book was also quite beautiful to see.

The author talked about a lot of things ranging from self-acceptance, how we should treat others, getting to know ourselves, and just deciding to live as our true authentic selves.

You should read it if you want something relatable to read while also learning ways you can improve yourself.

3 Never give up

From the title Never give up, you already know it is a motivational book that pushes you not to give up and to keep pushing no matter the obstacles.

I loved how Joyce Meyer used both biblical and secular examples to teach why we should not give up on ourselves and our dreams.

It is a good motivational book if you ever need one.

4 Confessions of an Alleged good girl

I read Confessions of an Alleged good girl, and while I won’t go into the plot of the novel. Some lessons stood out for me.

1 We all need someone who we can reach out to, especially when we have issues. There is a certain level of lightness when you share what bothers you with another person and they can help you come up with solutions.

2 No one is meant to be an island. Try to build genuine friendships with people. Also, if you are in a relationship, you still need to have friend (s) asides from your partner.

3 Always have an open mind and be willing to learn especially about things you don’t know. Someone can teach you things, even when that person is younger than you.

4 There is no harm in sharing your experiences with other people. Sometimes, you are meant to go through something so that you can help others who will go through something similar.

5 There is nothing wrong with educating people about what they need to know. Hiding things from people will only make them curious and want to find things out on their own.

6 Life is too short for you to take it too seriously. Chase your goals and dreams but by all means, have lots of fun in between. Your life won’t go downhill if you know how to unwind.

7 Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing anything. There are times you need the external pressure to develop and be a better version of yourself but that is as far as it should go.



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