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4 lessons I learnt from playing candy crush

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I love playing candy crush, especially when I’m stressed. But, it can be stressful when you are stuck in a particular level for months and you can’t just seem to cross the hurdle.

That day, I was in my 290th level, and seeing what was required, I said I’ll crush it at the first round. It wasn’t so when I found myself battling with that level for the whole day.

Here are some of the lessons I learnt again from that day:

1 Sometimes failure is inevitable: You might try to prevent yourself from failing, you might strategize, put in your best effort, yet, you still see yourself failing. Know that sometimes, you can’t prevent failure. But, it’s not cool if you just remain there.

2 Know when to take a break: Yes, you want so desperately to succeed. You can’t be at peace when you are at that failure point in your life. But, sometimes, a break is all you need to get a new perspective and tackle that failure that is right in front of you.

3 Have a winning mindset:
Don’t you ever see yourself as a failure. See yourself as a successful person even when your reality dares to tell you that you are not a conquerous and winning human being. The way you see yourself affects how you see yourself surmounting those barriers.

4 Try again: Just one more trial can be all that you need to move from being a failure to a successful person. Just one trial can remind you that you are more than what life throws at you, will you try again Conquerors?

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