6 Fictional Books You Should Read

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Hi Conquerors, these are the books I read in March and I loved every bit of them. This is the weekend, and relaxing with a favorite book is what I recommend.

Without further ado, these are 6 fictional books you should read.

1. The Blessed Girl

Bontle, needs to be studied in school. I loved her point of view throughout the book, it felt like she was having a conversation, and not just the normal first-person point of view.

Her character was a bit complex. Towards the end, I could understand that most of her actions were fueled by the lack of fatherly role and love in her life, particularly her need for relationships with older men.

When she said she had Ph.D. in MENcology, and the sarcasm behind most of her words, I knew that the book will be interesting, and it didn’t disappoint.

if you want something light, funny and interesting, then I suggest you pick this book.

2. Divine Disruption

Divine disruption talked about so much but the most prominent was the subject of faith, surrendering and trusting in God no matter what you are going through.

The book was a great read for me, and it revitalized my faith. Reading how the authors suffered losses that could shake anyone, yet deciding to still believe was awesome.

If you want a book that you can connect with on losses and building of faith, then I recommend it.

3. Treasure

I had a good laugh while reading treasure. I particularly love the fact that Oyinkan’s book is always easy to read and relatable.

The author is Oyinkan Braithwaite. The short story is set in Nigeria and talks about the fake lifestyle of a Lagos house help who deceives people on Instagram like she is living the life.

I loved the fact that the book highlighted what people do on social media to look like they are balling when the reality is different.

It is a great, and easy read for people, and I recommend it.

4. The baby is mine

Another great book by Oyinkan. I’m still trying to know who the baby belonged to between the two women in the book.

The lockdown happens, and when a man is forced out of his girlfriend’s house because he is cheating, he finds himself in his late uncle’s house.

His aunt and his late uncle’s mistress claim that the baby is theirs. This oddly reminded me of King Solomon and the two women each claiming the baby.

in the end, the guy took the baby and left, solving the issue. This book is fast-paced and fun to read.

5. The Spanish love deception

I can never get why people will hate each other before realizing they have been in love with each other all this while.

A lady needs a pretend boyfriend for her sister’s wedding in Italy because she doesn’t want to seem pathetic and alone to the folks at home.

Adam who she hates because of how he hurt her feelings when he resumed work newly offers to take part in the deception.

In Italy, they finally realized that they have been in love with each other. But, they had to overcome obstacles to be together.

It was great reading this romantic book. I loved how it made me laugh at certain points. I’m recommending it.

6. Keep It Shut

It was last year January I decided to buy hard copies of books, though I naturally prefer ebooks. This book is the first that I have read.

Keep it shut is a book that teaches you how to speak to people with love, and it also covers the issue of gossiping.

Every chapter of this book has so much to teach. I learned what it means to speak to people kindly, encourage people with words, and know that most times flattering people is a lie, especially if you don’t believe what you are saying to the person to be true.

I’ve learned a lot from this book, and I recommend it.

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Ukeme-obong Chris

I'm Ukeme-obong Chris, a lifestyle content writer and a freelance writer. In my spare time, I love reading good fictional and inspirational books.  I am currently pursuing my law degree, and I am the brain behind IConquerdaily which posts motivational and lifestyle content and also offers writing services.

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  1. The Obongawan

    We peered into a life we couldn’t relate to. Sneaky sneaky

  2. The Obongawan

    I have read the blessed girl it was part of one of these trio i decided to read_ Blessed girl,Yinka where is your Husband and The Teller of Secrets.
    What first attracted me to the book was the colorful cover. It never even occured to me that the book would be about the South African Blessee situation. A lovely read. Hilarious, upbeat ,contemporary and still maintains depth. Awesome!

    1. Ukeme-obong Chris

      That’s lovely. I decided to read the book cos of a wonderful review I saw by a bookstagrammer. It opened my eyes to the Polished term runs girls describes themselves and how fun yet insightful the book was.

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