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5 lessons from Born A Crime

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Born a crime written by Trevor Noah has been an easy and fun read for me while at the same time learning lessons.

I didn’t think reading memoirs will be this interesting, now I’ve discovered it, I’m adding memoirs to my reading collection next year.

Let me start with the way Trevor started his story, in an interesting point of his life.

It grabs your attention and makes you want to read and know more about his life.

The book talks about apartheid and his growth as a colored child, identifying with race and color, and his relationship with the people that shaped his life.

Some of the lessons I learned from Born a crime

1 Learn from your past.

2 Try to forget the pain of your past. If you don’t, it will only keep you bound to it.

3 You do not own the people or things you love because they might decide to leave you one day, then what happens?

4 We do terrible things most times probably because we don’t see the face of the people it affects.

5 You cannot blame someone else for the choices you make. You have the power to make choices, andown up.

What other lessons have you learned from the book Conquerors?

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    I’m always very proud of you, and you’ll forever remain my pride.
    I love your work, keep moving, more grace and strengths to push, and God will continue to bless and favour you.
    The words are impacting

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