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lessons I learned from the 7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo

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The 7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo is written by Taylor Jenkins.

Honestly, asides from two fictional books I read this year, no other fictional book has kept me on edge and spellbound as this book did. I saw the title and I thought it would be just like any other book but I was wrong. So, I’m giving this book a solid 10 star rating.

The novel tells a story of an actress who years later wants her biography written while baring the truths of herself that she had kept hidden from the world.

Evelyn married seven husbands in her lifetime. Some were to further her career while some were to protect the woman she loved who was Celia St. James and her identity that she was bisexual.

The 7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo is an excellent read.

This book is a bomb and I won’t give you any spoilers. But, here are some lessons I learned from Evelyn Hugo asides the fact that she was a force, calculating, manipulative, and always thinking things through.
1 Know what you want and go for it. Evelyn was someone that saw a bigger picture of herself and fought for it.

2 Family and love are everything and though you might have riches, fame, and all you want, without those two things you’ll feel empty.

3 Never be afraid to say what you want and go for it.

4 Don’t be ashamed to apologize or beg when you’re wrong. It can help save a relationship.

5 Listening to gossips will only derail you from your goals. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to good advice.

If you have read the book, what was your view?
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