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5 lessons I learned from Ogadinma

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Ogadinma is written by Ukamaka Olisakwe. It is easy to read, and totally enjoyable. It is set during the military regime in Nigeria. I’m rating it a 9 out of 10.

The novel has many themes running through it like domestic abuse, dealing with losses, rape, dashed dreams, etc.

Ogadinma wants to study literature at the University of Nsukka, she meets Barrister China who supposedly wants to help her with the admission process. He took her virginity, and slept with her repeatedly, which resulted in a pregnancy.

She opts for an abortion, and her father beats her when he found out, and he sent her to Lagos to stay with Uncle Ugonna and her family.

Months later, she marries Tobe, her Aunty’s brother. A man who loved her but was easily provoked. Tobe beats her. He made all decisions for her and believes a lady should not speak, only listens, and be docile.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers. So, you should read the book and get the details. But, here are some of the lessons I learned from that book.

1 You might hate someone for the decisions they took, but when you walk in their shoes, you will understand why they took that decision. Ogadinma hated her mother for running away, but when faced with the same choice, she understood.

2 Sometimes, you have to put yourself first, forgetting every other person.

3 Most times, love is not enough. And you can’t tolerate everything in a relationship or marriage. Know when you have had enough, and walk away.

4 The people you think will have your best interest at heart, will sometimes disappoint you. So, make peace with that.

5 Try to be independent. Learn a skill and save the little you have.

Have you read the book, what did you learn?
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Lessons I learned from Ogadinma

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