5 lessons I learnt from Will

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If you follow me on any on my social media platforms, particularly WhatsApp and Instagram, you will know that I made a decision to read two memoirs this month.

I’ve finished reading Will by Will Smith an do must say, I am hooked on memoirs. Will is the first book I have bookmarked so much because of the priceless lessons he gives while sharing his life story.

The lesson that touched me was on hope because it was speaking to me at that point in my life, where I really needed it.

I am rating the book a 10 out of 10. The first thing I noticed was the plot which I loved so much.

When you read the book, you will appreciate his honesty and vulnerability. I also love how I have been able to learn from his life story.

Below are 5 things I learned from the book.

1 You are born as a character who chooses who he or she should be. How your life turns out is in your hands.

2 The way we decide to respond to our fears is who we eventually become because it becomes our personality.

3 Learn to be good at something because it makes you feel good about yourself, and you can ultimately use that to impact lives.

4 Many people give your advice based on their perspective and from a place of love. But, you have to choose which advice will work best for you.

5 It takes discipline to build the dream life you want, so know that to go far in life takes discipline.

Do you love memoirs? What lessons have you learnt from Will if you have read it?

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