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5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Relationship Private

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With the advent of technology and with the high usage of social media in our generation, there are reasons why you should keep your relationship private.

A relationship is meant to be about two people who love, respect, and honor each other, and it should be guarded fiercely by keeping it private.

However, people advertise everything about their life on social media, including their love life or relationship. 

There is nothing wrong with having a good social media presence or posting on social media. But, you should keep your relationship private.

Exposing your life on social media can lead to shame, being exploited, or humiliation especially when a relationship goes bad among others.

Yes, you love your partner and you want everyone to see how much they mean to you. But, you can keep your relationship private without keeping it a secret even on social media.

Are you still wondering why you should keep your relationship private? I’ll be sharing with you some reasons why.

1 You stop unnecessary opinions

When you keep your relationship private, it is easier for you to prevent unnecessary options and advice that people on social media may want to give you.

Even as an individual, we know that we are not to expose what goes on in our family to outsiders, how much more your relationship.

In a situation where you don’t keep your relationship private, people will give you advice on how they think your relationship should be like, what they think you should do better, and opinions about what your partner is or isn’t 

Instead of opening your relationship to external opinions and probably jeopardizing what you have going on with your partner, try to keep your relationship private but not a secret.

2 Not everyone will be happy

Your happy relationship will not make everyone aware of it happy and this may make them do things that will separate you and your partner.

I know that you cannot live your life thinking about how many people are happy about you or the progress you have made in life. But, you should minimize it.

The details of your relationship should be kept private, and if you want to share it, it should be with people who genuinely care about you and will be happy for you.

When your relationship is private, your haters have less information to feast on and maybe cause problems for you, especially your ex.

Your ex will probably stalk you and have information about your personal life and relationship based on what you post and make people aware.

If strangers and your ex know too much about your relationship, they may have the needed knowledge to cause problems in your relationship, especially when they are unhappy about your relationship.

3 It helps you both focus on what is important

When your relationship is not kept private and open to the validation of your social media viewers you both may lose sight of what is truly important in the relationship.

A relationship should be about two people in love, trying to deepen their bond and being there for each other. 

But, when you both are only concerned about what people on your social media feed think, your motivation to keep the relationship going changes.

It may be fun and interesting to be the relationship goals that people aspire for on social media. But, you shouldn’t lose focus on building a strong relationship with your partner.

If the relationship crashes, your followers will immediately move on to the next thing that will interest them enough to keep going back or following that profile.

So, set your priorities straight in your relationship.

4 It makes breakup easier

Recently, I saw a popular TikTok influencer break up with her boyfriend.

People kept asking and interrogating her in the comments section why it happened, she even had to clear all pictures and videos she had with him.

The whole episode proved one thing, when you don’t keep your relationship private, and share every detail of what goes on in your relationship with the public, be prepared for their opinions and interrogation when you break up.

Your social media followers or the public will feel like they have a right to know why you broke up with him or her, and that makes a breakup more difficult.

I know you don’t wish to break up with your partner, but, there may be a possibility of that happening, and you need it to be as stress-free and easy as it can be for you.

Some people even stay in a relationship when all they want to do is walk away because they are concerned about what people who knew the details of their relationship will think. No one deserves that kind of additional stress.

5 It prevents unnecessary pressure

When your relationship is not kept private, it exposes you and your partner to maintain what the public expects of a perfect relationship, and it leads to unnecessary pressure you both don’t need.

A public relationship, especially on social media, exposes it to being idolized or giving people a standard of what a relationship should be like.

This may not be intentional on the part of you and your partner. But, it is what comes with having a public relationship.

The disadvantage is that it places you guys on a pedestal that if brought down, disappoints so many people seeing you both as a standard, and the pressure to keep up and not disappoint is placed on you both.

You deserve to have a loving and strong relationship with your partner without being pressured by people and this can be achieved by keeping your relationship private and not secret.


Conquerors, I hope this helps you see the reasons why your relationship should be kept private. But, I am in no way advising that your relationship should be kept secret.

Just ensure that you know the details you are sharing with the public about your relationship because it may bite you later.

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