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5 Relationship Red Flags You Have Not Been Noticing

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People often tell us about some red flags to look out for in a relationship. But, what does a red flag mean in a relationship?

What is a Red Flag?

A red flag is usually a reason to stop or halt. It is a reason not to proceed because it could be dangerous. Just like how red most tomes signifies danger in an emergency.

We are aware of how beautiful it can be to have a partner we love, and who seems to genuinely care about us. But, some red flags may pop up because you pay attention to them.

Sometimes, if you ignore them it can be really dangerous for you later on. So, what are some of these red flags you should look out for Conquerors?

1 Drug or Substance Addiction

A partner who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or any substance can pose a real threat to you because when they are high or intoxicated they can do things that they will regret when they are sober.

Sometimes, people take alcohol sparingly, but where it seems that they are using alcohol as a crutch or they are relying heavily on the drug or substance it is a serious red flag for you.

2 Excessive Lying

Look out for constant lies and deceits because it shows how dishonest they are. Yes, people lie unavoidably sometimes but then it becomes a daily thing, and it gets constant to the point that most times they don’t even bother to apologize when they know you have found out, then you need to reconsider.

Most of them give the excuse that the lie is for your benefit. But, it only goes to show how dishonest they are. These lies could start in the smallest ways like where they are going, who they are hanging out with, etc. Soon, it escalates to big things.

2 Unwillingness to Compromise

In relationships, compromise when necessary needs to be done. The compromise should not be one-sided because if you are the only one compromising, you will feel unhappy at the end of the day.

Your partner should be willing to compromise when necessary.

3 Unaligned Relationship Goals

Where you and your partner have glaringly different goals about your relationship and where it is headed, you should probably reconsider the relationship.

Having different life goals may be understandable but, that of your relationship should match.

4 Verbal Abuse

In a relationship, you should be built by your partner, you should be cheered on, motivated, and encouraged by your partner. When All your partner does is put you down either expressly or subtly, you should think it through because sooner or later it will affect your self-esteem.

I’m only saying your partner cannot correct you. But, they have no right to verbally or emotionally abuse you and make you suffer from low self-esteem. Also, there are ways they can word their opinion in love to you 

5 Excessive Jealousy

When your partner is controlling in terms of trying to go through your phone every time, going through your messages, demands to know your every moment, show that they distrust you. Then, you have to talk things through with them.

Initially, these actions may seem like it is coming from a good place. They make it look like they are being protective. But, it gets overbearing with time and suffocating.

Which other relationship red flag will you look out for Conquerors?

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