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6 Reasons You Should Respect Your Partner in a Relationship

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Often, I hear people ask what is the importance of respect in a relationship. They are genuinely curious why respect is often a point of focus in building a strong relationship.

Respecting people is what you must learn to do as an individual, not only to your partner or spouse but also to your family, friends, and the people you encounter daily.

Also, respect is demonstrated in often the smallest of ways which may sometimes seem unnoticeable.

Respecting your partner is seen when you listen to them speak.

It also shows when you support them in public when inwardly you feel like calling him or her out because their feelings matter to you.

It can also be seen when you decide to go on that trip with them because they love it, even though you hate it.

Also, you display it by telling them the truth in love, after all, they deserve to know it, etc.

So, what is the importance of respect in a relationship? 

Why should you show your partner you respect him or her?

How will respecting your partner help your relationship in any way?

I will be discussing these shortly.

1 It shows how you feel

I’ve always said that you can’t love someone and not respect them. Respect helps to fuel a relationship and keep it going forward.

When you say you love someone but your actions show that you don’t even respect them, it makes the love you process seems fake and a lie.

Instead of asking what is the importance of respect in a relationship, try respecting your partner for who they are currently and as an individual. It shows your genuine feeling for them.

When you decide to respect your partner as an individual, you are looking beyond their faults or flaws and accepting them for who they are.

It shows that you respect them through their choices, their hard times, and good and you love them.

No one wants to feel disrespected, it makes them question their worth in your life. So, show respect to your partner.

2 It paves way for better decisions

When you focus on respecting your partner instead of asking “what is the importance of respect?”

It broadens your mind to make good and better decisions.

There are temptations everywhere, but, the respect you have for your partner will aid you to make decisions that will be for the benefit of you both.

Respecting your partner teaches you not only to crave things and get worked up when it doesn’t happen immediately. It teaches you to learn and nurture patience.

Becoming patient with your partner even when things are not working out as you want, especially financially is a result of respect.

You respect your partner enough to believe that things will get better, they will do better, they will heed your advice, etc.

3 It helps in communication

Imagine talking to someone or offering your opinion to someone who will not listen to you or who feels that what you are saying doesn’t make sense?

This stems from the lack of respect they have towards you.

When there is disrespect, your partner does not think about acknowledging you or what you are saying because they feel like you have nothing to offer.

Noticing these traits in your partner can close off communication.

But, if you feel respected, heard, and acknowledged by your partner, it is easier for you to communicate more with your partner.

So, the importance of respect in a relationship is that it gives room for communication.

It also gives room to listen to your partner’s goals, dreams, and ambitions and help them work towards them.

4 It gives room for growth

When you respect your partner, it boosts their confidence level.

It makes them believe and know that they can achieve and be who they want, especially when you are there to encourage and cheer them on.

Feeling supported by you makes them also support you and helps them grow to be more and what they currently are.

When you respect your partner, the feeling is reciprocated.

Also, when your partner feels respected, it will be seen in their actions and what they do because they know they are valued, respected, and loved.

So, they cannot accept any disrespect from outsiders.

5 Your relationship will last

Knowing that you are respected by your partner helps you feel encouraged to work through anything or obstacles that may come up in your relationship.

Even when disagreements ensue, you know that your partner has your back, respects and loves you, which makes you willing to make it worth it.

Respecting your partner can be demonstrated in various ways like being genuinely interested in what your partner does.

Appreciating them for what they do, listening to them, and spending time with them also demonstrates respect.

We are aware of the importance of communication in keeping a relationship, and this only happens when you both listen and not just hear each other.

Personally, when someone seems bored while I’m talking to them or acts like they have better things to do, I shut up.

So, imagine your partner getting that vibe from you, they will feel disrespected.

So, listen to your partner speak. Try to respect them and work towards your relationship lasting long together.

6 It makes your partner feel valued

Nothing beats the feeling of knowing your partner respects you. It makes them feel valued by you.

When your partner knows you respect them, it boosts their self-esteem.

Showing how much you respect your partner also proves that you are not self-centered or selfish.

This is because a self-centered person lacks respect for others and only cares about themselves.

When you respect others, you teach yourself to be a better person to others.

You also come to the awareness that respect is paramount.

Even though you both may have different attributes, characters, or opinions, you can still respect each other.


Respect in a relationship comes from a place of love and understanding and it is a recipe for making a relationship last long.

So, decide to respect your partner today, and stick to that decision.

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