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6 Things You should be Proud of

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Society puts pressure on us most times, and we oftentimes don’t even realize that we are being pressured because we have gotten so used to it.

We focus on having good grades, getting married, having a job, being wealthy, etc. none of these are bad, but oftentimes we don’t look at our life without all of these achievements and be proud. So, what are you proud of conquerors.

I want you to pause and just focus on yourself at this moment, be aware of your seemingly insignificant wins, what you have struggled with, things or opportunities you have lost and gained, etc.

Honestly, when we try to compare ourselves using the metrics that society has set for us we often come up insignificant or inadequate. But, there are still things you can be proud of.

Things You Should be Proud of

1 Being alive

People often underrate this because they see it as a natural part of their life. People that have been sick, or live through any form of support often comment on the fact that living or being in good health is underrated. So, conquerors, simply living or existing is enough reason to be proud. Being alive is enough hope that you can still achieve, and be more than you are currently.

2 Your job

Be proud of your job, and the opportunity presented to you to earn a living. The pay may be little for the moment, but as far as you love it, it is providing you with your basic needs, and you can use it to take care of yourself it is enough reason to be grateful and move on.

3 Family

Be proud of the people who are your family, because they are mostly the ones who will have your back whenever things seem to get awry, and they genuinely celebrate and love you. You grew up with your family, the values you have you probably got it from them, and they are most times the ones often cheering loudly for you.

4 Your friends

It is popularly said that your friends are the family you choose. They are the only persons you choose to accept into your life and decide to be close to. Be proud of the fact that you can make genuine friends who have your back no matter what.

5 Your past

Most people hang on to their past especially if it was not pleasant or if they were her in ways that cannot be explained. But, your past should not be something you should be ashamed of. Even when your past was terrible, or good in some cases, be proud of it. It is something you should look back on and appreciate where you are coming from and where you will go to.

6 Your values

Be proud of the values, principles, and morals you have held onto and refused to change. Not everyone stays true and firm to what they believe in without wavering or changing so, be proud of it.

What are your thoughts conquerors?

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