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7 Steps in Becoming More Confident

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Most people equate self-confidence to being proud which is so not true. I have seen several people who are talented or knowledgeable in a particular area refuse to show up because they lack self-confidence.

Confidence is having a strong belief, boldness, and trust, usually in yourself, and that is what most people lack.

When you have confidence It is easier for you to reach your goals because you believe that no matter what happens, you will scale through.

Also, you present yourself well before people because you know what you are worth, and what you can offer. It also gives you the motivation to go after what you want.

This article will be sharing with us how we can be confident especially when we are struggling with low self-esteem or self-doubt.

1 Stop Comparison

This is the first on my list because if you can tackle this, you are on your way to becoming more self-confident.

The truth is, the comparison is natural, but it mostly hurts the individual because you will spend your time feeling envious and down.

You could be comparing your salary to what your friends have, the number of likes someone else has on social media, and how another person is living the good life while you’re not.

All these comparisons add up to hurt your life. When you find yourself comparing yourself to others, remember that we are all running in a different direction and people’s timing is different.

Also, remember that you are doing just okay for now and that you will get better. Know that comparison never did anyone any good except you are using the comparison positively.

2 Be around positive people

Some people’s presence leaves us feeling drained and low about ourselves. We should feel re-energized after leaving the presence of a loved one or friend.

Ask yourself if the people you surround yourself with constantly judge you, make you feel, have no respect for your feelings, are pessimistic, etc.

You need to pay attention to the mood you are in after you leave them and distance yourself from some of them if the need arises.

When you are conscious of your company, it is easier for you to see people who are positive and care about you and try to lift your spirits when you are down.

Finding this kind of person is easy when you are that kind of person also. So, make the effort to be a positive person in someone’s life, and watch yourself attract that kind of person.

3 Take care of yourself

It is difficult to have self-confidence when you neglect yourself, and you are not taking care of yourself.

If you don’t respect your body and yourself, you can feel good about yourself which leads to your confidence level is low, and others can’t even treat you right.

Are you sleeping the way you should? Are you exercising to take care of yourself? Are you eating the way you should? All these things matter.

Additionally, learning how to be kind to yourself helps you build your self-confidence. When you remember that most things that happen aren’t entirely your fault and that it is okay to forgive yourself, it becomes a bit easier.

4 Say positive things

Being positive, and declaring positive things can not be overemphasized in the world we live in.

Having self-confidence often involves you saying positive things. Sometimes, you don’t have to look out for how unfavorable or difficult things are. You must choose to have an optimistic mindset about things and life.

When your self-confidence Is plummeting give yourself a positive pep talk, and say positive things. Believe you can do it, you can succeed, you can be the best, etc.

Don’t let negative thoughts and doubts raise its voice in your mind. Quiet the doubts that pop up with positive words, and watch yourself become more confident.

5 Confront your fears

Our lack of self-confidence most times stems from the fact that we are fearful of too many things in our lives. It could be the fear of rejection, success, failure, and being made a mockery.

You can try things from the viewpoint of experimentation if it will make you feel better. Tell yourself that there is no point in trying.

When you fail to try, most times, you will be even more afraid of taking the big risks that can improve and change the trajectory of your life.

Being anxious, and waiting for things to be 100% okay before trying seems most times like a complete waste of time because those scenarios may never come.

Conquerors, face what you fear head-on and you will realize that you were afraid tor nothing.

6 Try new things

Your confidence level may turn up a notch when you are spontaneous enough to try new things.

Sometimes, we are too used to playing it safe because we are not confident enough to seep out of our comfort zone and do what we should do.

So, I’m urging you today to leap If faith. When you do it, and succeed, you will see your self-confidence increase because you were bold enough to try.

Even when you fail, your self-confidence will increase because you have dared yourself, stepped out of your comfort zone, and done what you haven’t done before.

7 Think of your future self

Do you seriously want to be the person who looks back at his or her younger version, and see a person who wasn’t confident enough to go for the life she or he truly wanted because of no confidence?

I bet you don’t want that. So, instead of only dreaming about your future self, look at your current life and decide to be more confident so that your future self will be proud.

Final note

We struggle with confidence issues because even when we may have ourselves covered in a particular area, there may be another area that completely shakes us and makes us feel inadequate.

Instead of continually having the thoughts that we are not good enough, others are better than us, we will be mocked. Why not try these steps and see your life get better.

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