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7 Steps in Becoming Your Cheerleader 

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Cheerleading for others comes naturally to most of us. We find it so easy to tell people how amazing they are, how they will achieve great things, how we believe In them to actualize their goals etc.

But, when it comes to cheerleading and rooting for ourselves the reverse is mostly the case. We tell ourselves that we are not good enough. We don’t give ourselves the same pep talk we give to others. We aren’t even rooting for ourselves!

Cheerleading for yourself makes you see yourself the way others see you which enables you to cheer for yourself, look for opportunities that will better your life, and enable you to be a better version of yourself daily.

Being a cheerleader to yourself may not come naturally that Is why this article will be telling you ways you can become your cheerleader.

1 Encourage yourself

Most times, the motivation you need is for yourself to do what you have to do. Cheerleading involves looking at daily tasks you perform, no matter how small they are, and congratulating yourself for it.

Doing this will help you encourage yourself when bigger tasks come because you know you have handled something similar, and this one won’t be an exception.

Encouraging yourself may be difficult sometimes if you had previously failed at that thing. What I do in such situations is to read more about it, listen to podcasts, read some content in that field, and try again.

The thing about cheerleading is that you should not stop being persistent and rooting even when you had failed previously. I mean, that’s the beauty of cheerleading.

2 Focus on yourself

To become your cheerleader, you need to focus on yourself to achieve that. Be in tune with yourself, and what you want to achieve or become.

Ask yourself why you want to achieve your goal or why you want to become a better version of yourself. Finding these answers makes it easier to cheer yourself on.

Don’t compare yourself to others because comparing yourself will only give you excuses and supposed reasons why you should not succeed or cheer yourself on, and honestly, it won’t do you any good.

Be committed to doing what you want to do, this will boost your cheerleading power to cheer yourself on to achieve them.

3 Don’t seek perfection

I keep saying repeatedly that perfection is subjective to an individual because what makes something perfect to me may not be what makes something perfect to you. You can cheer yourself on by remembering this, and motivating yourself to get started on that task and complete it.

How many past things did you think as not perfect enough, but others loved them? This should give you reasons why you should cheer yourself on, and believe in

yourself when it comes to living the life you want.

4 Trust yourself

You can not cheer for yourself when you can’t trust yourself, your goals, dreams, and visions. Cheerleading involves trust.

Imagine a loved one is playing a match against another team, you will go to the bleachers and cheer them on because you trust and believe in their capabilities to win even when sometimes the odds are glaringly against them. That is what being a cheerleader means.

Think about your gut feeling or intuition about that thing you want to embark on but you can’t just summon the confidence to do it. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you believe in yourself.

5 Know what you consume

What do you consume daily apart from food? What are you listening to, watching, paying attention to, and focusing on?

Sometimes, being a cheerleader will be removing what is making you feel down and unmotivated. Pay attention to what you have been consuming. Ask yourself if those things have been making you develop a pessimistic mindset about yourself.

Taking the time to unfollow those people on social media, blocking them, and restricting the access toxic people have to you will be a worthwhile commitment to cheering yourself into the life you want.

6 Be confident

When we are not confident about our looks, skills, knowledge, or abilities, we will show it, and it is easy for people to notice it because most times it will be subconscious.

These subconscious acts could be seen in you constantly seeking validation from others, dressing shabbily, not speaking up when you know what to say, etc. All these accumulate and dwindle your self-esteem which makes it hard for you to cheer for yourself.

I want you to do something. Start being aware of the way you dress, learn to speak out when you have what to say, and the opportunity to. Don’t think that you are not worthy of doing that. In essence, change your low self-esteem and your pessimistic mindset so that you can cheer for yourself.

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7 Make adjustments and plans

I am one of those people who sit with a pen and notebook every month to strategize, know what didn’t work, what I should do more, my achievements, the goals I’ve failed to archived how to achieve them, etc.

This process helps me to remind myself that I can make adjustments and plans for my future while also cheering myself up to believe that I can do what I put my mind to.

You can do this weekly or monthly, anyhow it works for you. Looking at your wins gives you the motivation you need to cheer yourself on while believing you can achieve more.


While being a cheerleader, learn to celebrate your wins no matter how big or small there may be. When you are appreciative and grateful for it, more will come.

When that friend or family member tells us about that promotion, job, salary raise, proposal, etc. We quickly tell them “we should celebrate”

How about you? Do you celebrate yourself?

I know you are humble and you want to be modest about your wins. But, you also have to learn how to blow your trumpet when the need arises.

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