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7 Steps that Works in Overcoming Hopelessness

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There comes a time in people’s life when nothing interests them, and everything looks bleak. But, overcoming hopelessness and the feeling that nothing will work out is key to living the life you want.

Continually feeling hopeless and doing nothing about it could lead to depression later on because you already have the mindset that nothing is working out and striving to feel happy is unnecessary.

I always say that happiness is a choice you make irrespective of the circumstances around you because you owe a duty to yourself to be happy. But, first, you need to stop feeling hopeless.

So, what are the steps in overcoming hopelessness?

1 Know why you are hopeless

Awareness always brings ideas and knowledge. So, the first step in overcoming hopelessness is knowing why you are hopeless. You need to do soul searching and ask yourself questions.

Are you feeling sad and hopeless because your relationship didn’t work out, you could not achieve the goals you had set out, or you are just unhappy because things are not going your way?

Having a good idea about what makes you unhappy and hopeless will help you stop that feeling. When you ask yourself these questions, you can sit with a pen and paper to take note of the answers that come to mind.

2 Focus on other things

In a bid to achieve something, we may feel discouraged when we constantly pursue that thing, yet it feels like we are not making headway. It could be having a raise in your salary, and you put in the extra work to get noticed, but it seems everyone is blind to you.

Instead of fixating on that particular goal and forgetting that other areas of your life need attention, why don’t you focus on something else so that you can forget the present?

I’m not telling you to give up on your goal. But what if all you need to do is to take a break and approach that goal from a fresh mindset later on?

Taking a temporary break can do wonders in overcoming the hopelessness that may have occurred because of this particular vision or goal. You deserve a break.

3 Accept that being hopeless doesn’t change anything

Having a negative mindset and being in a state of hopelessness does not change anything. Instead, it makes you feel more down than you should be and only points out the negative things in your life.

Do you have a similar experience in the past when you were hopeless and fixated on things that weren’t working? Did being hopeless change anything for you? I guess not.

I know that overcoming hopelessness may not and is probably not easy for you because you have to change your mindset even when you don’t feel like it. But, you must stop that negative feeling if you want to feel better.

4 Why are things hopeless?

Often, hopelessness comes out because we base our future on what we currently feel. We think that since we are feeling down or hopeless now, it will never get better, which is untrue.

Let’s imagine you got laid off from work, and getting a new job has been difficult, coupled with your savings fizzling out, and you have loads of bills to pay.

You start feeling hopeless because all your applications feel like it has reached a dead end. You tell yourself, “I can’t get employed or come out of this financial mess” is this feeling correct?

No. You can’t let your current situation determine how you view your future will turn out. Yes, things may not look great, but do you know what can happen in days or weeks?

Instead of allowing your current feeling and how things seem bleak to make you feel like the future won’t be any better, start overcoming that hopelessness.

5 Be conscious

Most times, we want to stop the hopelessness, but it feels like each time we try to take steps towards changing the way we feel, we fall deeper into it.

I recommend that you stay conscious of your feelings. You will notice when you start getting disinterested in life and things. You will also know when you start feeling like you are consciously being disappointed.

Each time you want to bury yourself in that feeling or thoughts, consciously look for a way to replace that feeling of hopelessness with a hopeful one.

6 Refuse to be hopeless

Our lives is always filled with different choices we make at each juncture of our lives. How we turn out is often up to the choices we make. Overcoming hopelessness is your choice and your decision.

You must refuse to be hopeless if you want to be hopeful. If you withdraw from people, actively try to be around people who value you. Don’t be all by yourself—whenever that hopeless feeling can take root and germinate.

Act contrary to what your present feeling may be showing or telling you. You can overcome that feeling.

7 Don’t let people or situations define you

Imagine going through a terrible thought when you had believed that they were going to be your happily ever after. Not only do you have a bad breakup, but previous relationships did not end well.

Now, it is easy to use the situation and people that let you as a reason to say, “No one loves me, I will always be alone,” but because a series of bad things happened to you doesn’t mean it should define you.

I’ll admit that your present may not look promising. But, if you could previously be happy and hopeful, so can you in this current situation.


Conquerors, I don’t know about you, but I believe that your present and how bleak today looks or feels does not mean it will always be this way. Look at you, you have overcome what you previously thought would keep you down, and you can do it again. I’m cheering you on.

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