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8 Tricks in Getting Past Your Fear

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The third month is rounding up, and how have you been progressing with those new year resolutions you made, and the goals you had set?

Many haven’t done what they had in mind to do because of the fear they have been allowed to dominate them. I was a little surprised when I heard that people are not just afraid of failure, but success also.

The fear of success arises because of the responsibilities attached to succeeding at a particular thing, becoming known for it, and fear that they may never achieve that level of success again.

Fear has succeeded in making people stuck, and preventing them from pursuing their goals or doing all that they wanted to do.

Conquerors, I believe that it is better if you tried and had not succeeded than for you to keep thinking of the what-ifs without putting in any effort.

I’ll be sharing with you some tricks that you can use to overcome that fear, that may have intended to cripple you. 

1 Know what fear is

It is important that you know what fear is, and accept it if you have the intention of overcoming it.

Fear itself is not bad because it can help us avoid situations that could put us in danger. But, fear is bad when we allow it to prevent us from doing what we know in our hearts we should do.

Getting past your fear involves embracing it, and knowing that it shouldn’t limit you.

2 Define your fear

When we focus on something, it becomes easier for our minds to come up with the solutions we need to solve them.

To get past your fear you need to name what you are afraid of. Are you afraid you will fail? You will make a mockery of yourself? No one will support you?

Defining these fears makes it easier for you to come up with solutions and get past the fear. Ignoring what you are afraid of will only expand it.

3 Be aware

Most times, we are afraid of what we do not know of. You can get past your fear by doing required reading, research, getting answers among others to have a clearer understanding of what you are afraid of.

Assuming you are afraid of starting that brilliant business venture, start by making research, asking others in the same field, etc.

When you do these, you will broaden your mind to thinking long term, and may even realize that you have no reason to be afraid.

4 Maximize pressure

There are times we do things that we ordinarily wouldn’t do just because the people surrounding us are mounting pressure or egging us to do it.

For example, you may be timid to approach a gal but the friends you are standing at that bar with will egg you to approach her. Or there is a competition you know you could succeed at, and your friend bets with you that you can’t win. It motivates you to prove him or her wrong.

Peer pressure has its negative and positive sides, it is up to us to maximize it positively and get over our fears with the help of our peers.

5 Think positively

This trick on overcoming fear has to be said. Some people never think they can succeed. They put in the work, map out the goals, do everything. Yet, they are filled with a negative mindset.

If you think you will fail, you will. What you focus your mind on becomes your reality. Imagine yourself succeeding, and overcoming that fear, and you will.

You can achieve this by thinking carefully and realizing that even if you fail it won’t be as bad as your mind has painted It to be. What is the worst that can happen?

Answering that question should help you overcome your fear and focus only on the possibility of you succeeding.

Remember, the difference between people who succeed and who fail often lies in their mindset. Successful people simply believe they will succeed coupled with the effort they have put in.

6 Get assistance

Whatever you are so afraid of trying out or doing, other people have done it before, and have probably flaunted on social media.

Get assistance from the people who have already done and succeeded at what you are afraid of. It could be also having friends that believe in the possibility of you succeeding.

Don’t be too proud to ask for, and receive help from other people who have done what you want to do.

If there is no one to ask, then read a book on the field or area you want to try out. There are tons of books available and several knowledge available to tap from. Just choose the one that fits yours and make adjustments.

7 Be willing to try again

You may be afraid of doing something that you have previously failed at. If that is the case, let go of the fear with the knowledge that because you didn’t succeed at something before, doesn’t mean you won’t succeed the next time.

You should also know that there are times you need to make tweaks in the manner you have been using to do that which you previously failed at. Try again this time with a positive mindset.

8 Think about yourself and others

Sometimes, we may not let go of our fears for ourselves, but we can do it for the people in our lives because of how much they mean to us.

Think about making your parents, siblings, friends, or partner proud by overcoming that fear. Imagine the excitement and joy they will feel when you finally cross over that bridge of fear you have been standing at for so long.

You are capable of becoming all that you are meant to be while also succeeding at its conquerors.

Conquerors, do you have any input on how you have managed to overcome your fear? I will like to know in the comments box.

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