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8 Ways You Can Stop Caring for someone

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We want to stop caring for something new for several reasons. It could be because we suffered hurt, pain, heartbreak, betrayal, or any form of hurt that still lingers.

Yes, we want to forgive them but most times, it is advisable to stop caring for them if we want to truly move on.

This article will tell you how you can stop caring for someone.

1 Work through your feelings

Neglecting or shutting out how you feel about that person will not help you or make you stop caring. It is important you feel all your emotions.

Are you angry they don’t care, sad or disappointed? Admit them and work through them.

You could talk to someone, journal, meditate or do anything that will help you process how you feel. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself or blame yourself for having cared enough in the first place. 

Doing this will also make it easy to detach yourself when you want to.

2 Love yourself

You have to live yourself enough to stop caring for someone who doesn’t care about you. When self-love is in place, it is easier for you to protect your self-esteem and realize you can’t cling on to someone who doesn’t care about you.

Practicing self-love helps you place yourself as a priority. It also helps you value yourself enough to know what you are worth and the actions you should not accept in your life.

When you commit to loving yourself, you will find it easier to know and see the many people currently in your life who truly care about you. It also helps you move on and live the life you deserve.

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3 Wish them well

To stop caring about someone doesn’t mean you should automatically give room for bitterness, or hatred against that person.

We are all called to love other people. It is no excuse for you to wish them bad simply because they don’t care for you the way you wish to 

You must wish them well as you disconnect them from your life. Not everyone is meant to be in your life, but that doesn’t mean you should wish them bad.

Genuinely wish them well. You will notice that one day, all the hurt all disappear and you can try being friends or acquaintances with them when the feelings are worked out.

4 Accept new people into your life

I have always thought that not everyone is meant to permanently stay in your life. Some people came to teach you a lesson or for a specific purpose.

Instead of holding on to the memories of what was or the part, a person played in your life previously. You should let them go if signs prove they are no more willing to be a part of your life.

When you decide to stop clinging or holding on to them, accept new people into your life. These new people can help you see the reasons why you are important and worthy of being cared for.

5 Release expectations

We get more hurt by someone we care deeply for when we had so many expectations for them. The expectation could be the future we had planned with them, the happy ending we fantasized about, etc.

Letting go of these expectations will help you stop caring for someone who no longer cares for you. You should also know that certain people do not deserve your care or emotional investment so look out for these in the future.

It is highly suggested that you write out the expectations you had for and with this person. When you write it down, you will be able to discard these expectations and make a new one for yourself.

6 Plan your future

Having a plan without involving the person who hurt you in the vision can help you stop caring for them. It also makes it easier for you not to cling to the past.

You can’t keep looking at the past, talk about the last, dwell on the memories, and expect to be truly free. You must be able to cut off every link you have to them by planning a future that has nothing to do with them.

Think and plan for your future, a future filled with the best possibilities and free from the hurt you currently face. When you make plans, it gives you something to look forward to and work on.

Having goals will help you occupy your mind with how you can achieve them and the best way forward. It is also a great way to take your mind off that person and to stop caring for someone that doesn’t reciprocate.

7 Forgive them

You can stop caring for someone by forgiving them and letting them go. You can’t let someone who hurts you or who doesn’t care about you live rent-free in your mind.

Yes, their actions hurt you terribly. But, holding a grudge or being resentful because of that only harms you because you will be the one left with the emotional baggage.

View forgiving them as a gift you are giving to yourself. When you decide to forgive them and follow through with it you will feel much lighter and better.

You deserve all the happiness you can get. You deserve to move on and you can achieve this by forgiving.

8 Spend your time wisely

You must not let room for your mind to start wandering to someone you want to stop caring for. So, spend your time wisely.

Fill up your time with productive things. You can learn a new hobby, learn new skills, go on that trip or visit places.

This is the time for you to spend time with the people you already have in your life. You can spend time exploring new things with them or revisiting old places.

Just do things that will stop you from constantly thinking of the people or people who hurt you. You derive so much more conquerors.

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