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9 Signs That Someone Likes You

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How do you know when someone likes you, and how are you sure that you are not mistaking friendliness for attraction? 

Knowing someone likes you can be easy to miss, that is why this article will be talking about the signs that someone likes you.

I often hear people ask “How do I know he or she likes me?” When you are the one in the situation it may be hard to read the signs that are often glaring for onlookers to see.

So, I’ll be sharing with you today some signs you should look out for so that it won’t be too late when you both realized that you both liked each other but missed the clues.

1 They want to be close to you

Someone who likes you will tend to lean closer to you. They want to be in the same space with you, this makes them subconsciously lean towards you because it feels natural to them. 

This is different when you don’t like a person because you will avoid all closeness, and feel uncomfortable when they try to get close.

2 They remember things about you

Have you said something in passing, and later, the person you said it to remembered it and told you about it?

People remember things about a person they like or are interested in. They remember the things that only people who pay attention will remember. This happens because their mind is focused on you, and they are interested in pursuing a relationship.

3 They make the conversation flow

If you don’t like someone, having a conversation with them will seem more like a chore, and very stressful to you. Notice the people who actively try to bring up topics that will lead to long conversations. They do this because they want to keep communicating with you.

A person who likes you will try to keep the conversation alive. Since they already pay attention to you, it is easier to find topics that will interest you to talk about.

4 They feel nervous when they are with you

Researchers say that there is a link between the feeling of anxiety with attraction, this explains why most people blush (this is the most common sign of anxiety) or feel anxious when they are around someone they like. 

This is usually out of their control because their body automatically reacts to being around you or in your presence. So, you must pay attention to it.

5 They are curious about you

Assuming you read or heard something interesting, what would you do? You would want to hear or read more, ask others to explain, especially when they seem to know more.

The question arises because of our curiosity. This also happens when someone likes you, they would want to know more about you, ask you or your friend’s questions about you so that they will understand and know you better.

6 They create time to see you

Assuming you are in a relationship, you will always look for ways to spend time with your partner, and we all know how valuable our time is.

This also applies when someone likes you. They will look for a way to see you and spend quality time with you.

You will keep bumping into them, seeing them in places where you are, etc. Spending time with you or seeing you feels like the most natural thing to them.

Most of them will love to attend social gatherings with you that naturally they are not drawn towards, they will do everything they can’t be in your presence.

There may be situations in which you suggest a time to see them and they can’t because of how busy they are, they will quickly tell you when next they are free, snd you both reschedule.

It is different when someone does not like you. They will tell you they are busy, and won’t make any suggestions on a possible date to meet. This will make you feel as though you are intruding or lonely.

7 They want to talk to you

Someone who likes you will want to talk to you, they won’t see talking to you as a burden. You will notice that you may have spent time with them, but immediately you are apart, they will call or chat with you.

The interesting thing is that topics to talk about will not run out because you both are curious to learn more about each other.

They will respond fast to your chats, and flow well in the conversation that you both are having. When the energy and conversations aren’t forced, you will know it.

8 They tell you things about themselves

Some people find it hard to talk about themselves, how they feel, what they are going through, their family, etc. But, when someone genuinely likes you, they will make the effort.

Most times they will ask you about your dating life, if you want to date, etc. All these are to give you a hint that others may be interested.

In some instances, then they talk about their future, they include you in it. This gives you a clue about how and where they place you in their life and a possible future together.

9 They are interested in your goals

A person who is genuinely interested in you asks about your goals, vision, future, plans, etc.

They want to know your plans for the future, how they can come in to help you, what you need to do to make your life better, where you need improvement in your life, where they stand in your life, etc.

Telling you the truth even when it may hurt sometimes is what they will do because they genuinely like and care about you.

Conquerors, these are some of the signs you should look out for. What else have you noticed from people who like you, and want a relationship with you?

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