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Acts of Kindness in a relationship

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Relationships thrive not just on love but kindness, respect, and trust. This is why acts of kindness in a relationship are essential to keep it going.

Acts of kindness in a relationship differ based on the love languages of your partner.

Some people may love kind words, for others, it is kind gestures or acts of service that may show how kind you are to your partner.

In all, you have to be kind to your partner so that your relationship will be filled with happiness and satisfaction.

When your partner notices you are unkind it may lead to anger or resentment against you. Where it is left unattended, a heartbreak may occur.

Below, I’ll be sharing with you some ways you can demonstrate acts of kindness in a relationship.

1 Give them peace

Having someone who can be a peace of mind in an otherwise chaotic and uncertain world is exactly what your partner needs.

He or she should have you as someone they can find peace with.

It is saddening that when they are in a state of unrest and need someone to calm them down you are not there for them or offer them the peace they seek.

You can show kindness in a relationship by being a source of peace and not adding to your partner’s unrest or troubles.

Giving them a shoulder to cry on or lean on and comforting them sincerely is an act of kindness they will not take for granted.

This doesn’t just apply to your partner but to your friends, family members, and other people in your life who will benefit greatly from it.

2 Be genuine and sincere

Most times, it is not the love you profess that makes your partner believe you love them but your act of kindness shows them how sincere and genuine you are.

Loving your partner genuinely isn’t just about making efforts to see each other or communicating daily. 

It involves acts of selflessness, care for their wellbeing, and striving to see them be content, among others.

Being kind can also mean deciding to forgive your partner when they hurt you even when they haven’t asked for forgiveness yet. 

 It is kindness when you decide not to hurt them back when they hurt you but look for a way to get past the hurt together.

These are the acts of kindness in a relationship that goes a long way to prove to them how genuine you are about your intention.

3 Appreciate them

An underrated act of kindness in a relationship is learning to appreciate and respect those in your life.

When you recognize them, the role they play in your life, and how blessed you are to have them, it proves your kindness and love.

Everyone loves to be appreciated, respected, and recognized. For some, it is proof of love. So, show that to your partner.

4 Stand by them

Kindness in a relationship can take the form of reminding your partner that you will be by their side, especially when they are going through a rough patch in life.

When they feel like giving up, remind them why they started in the first place. When they don’t know why they should keep living, show the reasons why it is worth it to keep living.

Standing by them, especially in their darkest times, and being a source of strength during their weakness is kindness that isn’t and won’t be taken for granted.

Also, when all they see is a reason to complain, murmur, or be negative, you can show them ways they can be more positive by encouraging them to look at the bright side of life.

Teach your partner to be positive, and strong and how to believe in themselves is what you should try to do for them. 

5 Spend time with your partner

Kindness in a relationship can be displayed by spending time with your partner. 

It can be spending time with them because you want to, and in the process treasuring the moment you spend with them.

You can spend time together at the house, at the movies, at a candle-lit dinner, traveling, hiking, etc. It is often the smallest thing that speaks the most.

6 Teach them self-love

Teaching your partner to love and care for themselves first is an act of kindness in a relationship because most people forget to love and care for themselves thereby leaving them drained.

Yes, you want to love your partner, but then you cannot love yourself first, it is hard for you to know the right kind of love you deserve.

Tell your partner when they are mistreating you, and ensure that you are not the only one giving in your relationship.

Help your partner practice self-love because that will also help them love you better.

This is a bit easier to do when God and faith are placed at the center Of your relationship.

When God is involved, His words remind you that you are supposed to show kindness to people even when you think it may not be beneficial. But, kindness is always repaid in one way or the other.

7 Be wise with your words

Words have been known to tear people down or build them up. It also has the power to break or make. This is why kindness in a relationship is choosing your words well.

While angry or during an argument or conflict, you must still speak kindly to your partner because during the heat of anger you may say things that you will later regret that you don’t want.

It is a mark of kindness in a relationship when you still speak kindly to your partner no matter what they have done to you. 

You may feel betrayed, angry or upset. But, how you respond at that moment speaks a lot about you.

Final thought

This is not just for your partner but it includes your friends, family members, coworkers, etc. You must display kindness to the people in your life at all times.

When you are kind to your partner, the relationship grows more strongly. Your acts of kindness also show to a large extent the kind of person you are.

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