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Afterlife of the party movie review

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Cassie dies and is given an opportunity by her guardian angel to make things right with her best friend Lisa, her mother and her father under 5 days.

Once she completes each task, the name is erased from her list. If she doesn’t complete her task, she won’t ascend to heaven, but will descend to hell. Will she complete her task?

I rate the movie a 10 out of 10.

Firstly, the actors in the movie were just so beautiful and handsome, they also interpreted their roles very well. The plot was fast paced and nice, and the little suspense in the movie was good.

It has been a while I’ve seen a normal movie which wasn’t a series and the movie delivered.

I laughed in some parts of the movie, and I felt sad at some.

Have you seen the movie?

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