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Becoming Super woman

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Firstly, let me say that this book is good!!!! I don’t know how many exclamations I need to use in order to get my point across.

I read “Rich bitch” and “Boss bitch” by the author of this book (Nicole Lapin) and I loved her work. So, imagine my eagerness to read another book by her, and I was not disappointed.

Becoming Super woman first of all tries to make us unlearn certain things we have learnt as normal. Some of those things are trying to do so much things at the same time, not resting as we should, not prioritizing, and not taking care of ourselves.

Nicole shares about how she broke down and how she recovered from it, while sharing 12 insightful lessons in order for us to avoid it.

Step 5 which talks about setting boundaries and not saying yes to everything stood out for me.

I’m rating this book a 10 out of 10 because of the valuable lessons I learnt. So, if you want to live a more productive and most importantly, a balanced life, then read this book.

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