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Book Review of The Professional Troublemaker and others

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May was an exciting book because I loved all the books I read, especially The Professional Troublemaker.

In this blog post, I’ll be making a review of the three interesting books I read in the month of May

1 The professional troublemaker

I read The Professional Troublemaker by Luvvie Ajayi Jones last month and honestly, I found myself agreeing with everything she wrote.

The book taught me a lot, and I’ll be sharing some of the lessons with you because your growth makes me happy.

1 You have to know yourself, get in tune with your emotions, and be your true self unapologetically. Accept the fact that you are unique, and talk about your strength and what you have achieved.

2 You are permitted to dream big and audaciously. Don’t let anyone and don’t allow yourself to invalidate your dreams. At the same time, trust that where you are is preparing you for where you need to be.

3 Speak truthfully without trying to mince words. There are times that you have to be blunt and not use flattery. But, before speaking ask yourself why you want to say what you want to say. Ensure it is important and from a place of love.

4 Don’t be afraid to ask for more help or anything you deserve to get from your friends, family, partner, employer, etc. Additionally, don’t be shy about negotiating your salary or your rates. Remind yourself that you are valuable.

5 You must have boundaries so that you can also respect other people’s boundaries. Your boundaries are usually what you are not comfortable with when someone says or does to you. Don’t accept to be treated lesser than you want.

6 Have a squad that can be your cheerleaders and people who are not afraid to call you out on your bullshit. They should also be the ones who encourage you to grow. You should also be the kind of friend you want to attract.

7 Don’t allow fear to prevent you from going after what you want. Do the things you want and be the person you want despite your fear. Don’t put your life on hold because of fear.

8 Don’t be afraid of failing but be afraid of being stagnant and not living the best life you can think of. Learn to delegate tasks if you have the resources for them. You won’t win an award for taking on all the work.

2 Healing is the new high

Healing is the new high



This book has taught me how one can get past hurt, pain, or anything that seems like it is keeping us stuck.

Detailed steps and what to do to get our healing is shared in this book and discussed thoroughly.

It is while reading this book that I discovered we have different bodies embedded in one and that all must be up to par to get our healing.

I loved how practical the assignments were and how they did not invalidate the pains each one of us struggled with.

3 Sweethand



This is not just a typical enemies-to-lovers book because how each page was interesting and fun to read.

I particularly loved Cherisse and Keiran’s character and how their love blossomed.

Both couples disliked each other right from their teenage age without any real reason. When, Ava, Cherrise’s sister chooses Cherisse to be her chief bridesmaid and Eric, the fiance chooses Keiran to be his best man, they both knew they had no choice but to work with each other.

From working together to planning for a smooth wedding, their love also develops.

It is an easy, enjoyable, and great read if you love romance novels.

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