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Choose yourself

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“if it’s a choice, I choose me” those were the words that Cinderella said to Prince Robert. For some reason, they struck me since I heard them.

It got me thinking and made me realize that if you don’t choose yourself, no one will choose you. If you don’t learn to prioritize yourself, your valid dreams, visions, or goals, no one will value and prioritize those things for you.

Conquerors, there are times you might feel that you have to settle for less than you truly deserve. You might want to choose other people even when you know that it doesn’t sit well with you. You might want to suppress yourself or dim your light in order to make everyone but you comfortable. But, is it really wise? The answer is a resounding “NO”.

You must learn to be your personal choice every time. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about others or act as though other people don’t exist. It just has to do with you choosing yourself even when others think that you shouldn’t. You might be wondering how you can learn to choose yourself.

You choose yourself by having the awareness that you are full of value. Don’t ever underestimate yourself and your valid dreams. Know that you are sent here for a purpose by God. If you were not valuable why did you exist up to this point in your life? it only goes to prove that you have so much to do and you must choose yourself, and your purpose.

Make a choice of picking yourself every time. Pick yourself even when no one else picks you because at the end of the day you only have yourself.

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Ukeme-obong Chris

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