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We often see the pictures of people graduating, and singing praises of how happy they are to get a good education. But, I don’t think they tell us about the whole process of it.

Yes, it is exhilarating to finish with a good degree, that will end you bucks of money. But, how about the times you contemplate about dropping out? The times you think that maybe learning a trade is more important and easier, the times when you wish that the years should pass by fast. Or the times when you are overcome with fear and tredipation about your results, and if you will have a reason to carryover.

I know I am not the only student who has these thoughts and many more. I am not also the only person who wishes to be done already with school because of how difficult it seems. I know I have million other students who wishes that school didn’t even exist.

One of those days in school

Conquerors, the thing is that when you want something you must be willing to go all out for it. There is no where it was said that the road to success is easy. It wasn’t even meant to be easy because if it was, virtually everyone will trudge that very road.

You might not be a student, you might be learning that skill or trade which seems to get more difficult by the day, you might be working that job that demands so much from you, but will lead you to being promoted to the point you want.

Don’t give up yet conquerors. I know it might seem easier said than done, but you don’t want to be a quitter, especially if it will be for a good course.

You will have that degree. You will get that promotion. You will start that business you want to.

For the main time, follow the due process. It might need your persistence and determination more than ever. There are sometimes you just want to burrow deep into your blanket so that you don’t get up. But, rise and push because it will be worth it in the end.

Decide to do more daily. Decide that you will not be a failure for any reason. Decide that you will get what you have always wanted. Decide that you will be the best at what you sent your mind to do.

When I was done with examinations for the session.

What are your fears regarding that business or academics? Let us talk in the comments section Conquerors 💪 Don’t also forget to share and subscribe to the blog.

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