Do these 6 things while setting those goals

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With all this fuse about setting goals, new year resolutions and all, it is necessary that you are aware of what goals are, and what you need to do before joining the crowd to set them.

A goal is seen as a result that one is attempting to achieve. It could be academic success, a fit body, more money, career growth etc.

So, how do you go about setting them?

And what do you need to do before setting them?

1. Ask yourself what you want to achieve:

It is necessary to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Be it keeping fit, earning more money, emotional stability etc. Having a clear picture is good because it will help you consistently achieve them.

2. What is your ‘why’?

 Your ‘why’ could be because you want to have more money to buy a new house, among others. Having a clear ‘why’ keeps you grounded because there is an emotional connection to it that makes you strive to achieve it.

Knowing your ‘why’ while setting goals makes you aware of the purpose of the goal. it keeps you focused on the prize.

3. Write it down:

The Bible says write the vision and make it plain, that they may run that reads it. Writing down your goals has the ability to imprint it on your brain. You will know that you are not just making wishes or taking aimless shots.

It makes you think of it. When you read them, it motivates you to take action.

4. Identify limiting beliefs:

After writing, identify the limiting beliefs that might prevent you from achieving it, and consistently try to release them. You cannot have the view that rich people are greedy people and expect that you will have that money. When you write it down as a goal, you have to release that limiting belief.

5. Set deadlines

This helps to keep you accountable, and it will spur you into action. 

However, you should know that some goals are long term, and failure to achieve them at a set time doesn’t mean you have failed.

I advice you to consistently review your goals.

6. Create a process:

process is a path you travel toward your destination. For example, if you want to keep fit, the process includes being on a diet, doing exercises etc. Having a process is very needful because that is one of the key ingredients towards achieving your goal.
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