Don’t be your own obstacle

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The truth is, the greatest obstacle you have towards making your dreams a reality is you.

Yeah, I know it is probably not what you were expecting to hear from me.

The reality is that, the excuses you come up with like; no finances, lack of time, no support system, etc could be valid. But, truthfully, they are not actually the ones holding you back from achieving your dreams. The easiest excuse people give when it comes to realizing their goal is money. However, let’s say you get the exact amount you need to achieve your dreams, what would you do with it? how will you use it to bring your aspirations to fulfillment?

Or assuming time is your problem, but what if you have a bad health condition that requires you resting for hours on your bed, what will you do in those long hours? how will you spend it in relation to realizing your goals? any clue?

Until you figure out what you want to do with your life, or the steps you need to actualize your goals, you will only keep on bringing up excuses.

Overtime, I have realized that when you get clear about what you want to do with your life, the universe has a way of helping you achieve it.

Do yourself a favor and figure things out. don’t be your own obstacle.

Also, stop listening to that tiny voice that keeps telling you that you don’t deserve your dreams, ambitions or accomplishments. you deserve all that and more.

Give yourself the permission to actually start achieving your dreams. Don’t accept excuses from yourself, no matter how valid it might seem.

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