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Many people are so focused on figuring everything out before starting that thing that they truly want to do. This makes them stall, focus on the things that might go wrong, and not take a leap. They are so concerned about seeing the pessimistic side of their idea, and they don’t bother about being optimistic. They actually fail to focus on what is important and right in front of them; starting out.

An anonymous individual shared a quote, and I can’t help but agree, “focus on the step in front of you, and not the whole staircase.” This means that you should be focused on taking that first step, and you will be surprised that you have climbed the whole staircase.

Many times, we don’t make important decisions because we want to be 100 percent correct. And, to be realistic, you cannot be 100 percent correct or convinced about your plan. This plan could be asking for a raise from your boss, working to get a promotion, starting that business, getting a second stream of income, among others.

You cannot be fully correct or convinced about your idea. Starting out with as little as 70 percent information is great, the most important is that you don’t use “I want to get more information” to back out, because you are afraid. It is easier to figure everything out while you are on the journey of achieving what you want. Yes, those new ideas might scare you, but it will be worth it.

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