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Don’t stop

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Assuming you forgot to drink water in a day, would you not drink water again for the rest of your life? 

I seriously hope that your answer to that question is ‘No’

Why then do you stop pushing for that dream, goal or vision, because you stopped for one day? 

Why do you allow yourself to feel discouraged, also making yourself believe that because you stopped for a day, you should stop for the rest of your life? 

Winners don’t stop completely, even if they stopped one day. You slacked one day, does not mean you should stop for the rest of your life. 

People who want to go far in life will pick themselves up each time they pause or relent. As a conqueror, you should do the same. 

Start again if you stopped. Push harder if you didn’t. Most importantly believe in God, and yourself that you will make it.

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Ukeme-obong Chris

I'm Ukeme-obong Chris, a lifestyle content writer and a freelance writer. In my spare time, I love reading good fictional and inspirational books.  I am currently pursuing my law degree, and I am the brain behind IConquerdaily which posts motivational and lifestyle content and also offers writing services.

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