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Flower of evil

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“To what extent can you trust someone, and believe in that person even when others think that what you believe is an illusion?”

That question kept on reoccurring in my mind as I watched the movie, and while watching the series, I knew that it will certainly be the first movie I will be doing a review on, because of how much I loved every bit of the movie.

Flower of Evil is intriguing, captivating, keeps you on edge, makes you feel the emotions of the characters, and I just have to say that the producers and actors did a great job.

I honestly thought that Do Hyung Su was who every other person thought he was, that is, a murderer. But, what made me think that it could actually be rumours was he loving side to his wife, and daughter, and how he kept asserting that he wasn’t his father’s accomplice.

The movie is about a young man accused of murder, who changes his identity, gets married to a police officer, and has a daughter. His wife has no idea who he truly is, though they have been together for 14 years.

This makes me wonder if we truly know the people we claim to know?

What happens when the man tries to prove that he is not actually a murderer by investigating the case, while also trying not to expose his true identity,and protect his sister? I won’t tell you everything about the movie, because I actually want you to see the movie.

Flower of evil has taught me that sometimes love is not just enough, you need to trust the person(s) you claim to love, even when it seems there is no reason to.

Also, you can’t claim to love someone without trusting that person.

The movie is definitely a thriller, and I have to say well-done.The suspense was not too much, and the storyline was superb.

But, I think that Do Hyung su having amnesia and making Jin Woo to go through such pain and patience was not necessary, because I felt her pain in the last episode.

Do watch the movie because it is only sixteen episodes and totally worth it.

Let me know what you loved or hated about the movie. Also, I would love movies recommendation.

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