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How To Be a Supportive Partner

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Loving someone comes with the urge to support them and stand by them as a testament to our love. This makes us ask how to be a supportive partner.

Frequently, we are clueless about how to be a supportive partner, and getting complaints from our partners that we are unsupportive can make us feel bad.

The truth is, there are different ways to show our support to our partners. We could support them emotionally and physically through words of encouragement, motivation, etc.

But, where do you start from? How do you become a supportive partner? This article will tell you some tips you can implement.

1 Commit to listening

We often hear our partners without actually listening to them when they talk or share their concerns.

No relationship can work without active communication and listening. This is why you must commit to listening.

If you don’t listen to your partner to know where they need support or help, it won’t be easy to render the support they need.

2 Be empathetic

We want our partners to share everything with us, ranging from who made their day difficult, how their bosses treat them, etc.

Sometimes, they don’t want to share all these things immediately as you want them, and you must view that from their perspective.

Maybe talking about those things is difficult for them; maybe they are not just ready to share them with you.

They understand their viewpoint, and being empathetic is also how to be a supportive partner.

Tell them you understand their struggles and what they are going through and offer ways you can help.

3 Don’t wait for them to ask

Some people find it difficult to ask for help or support from people, especially their partners.

The reason for this could be that they are afraid of being a burden.

When you love someone, you don’t wait for them to ask you for things, especially support, before giving to them.

You should notice if your partner is struggling with anything and offer your help and support.

If you want them to tell you when they are struggling, you should make them under that it is okay for them to ask you for help.

Make them understand that communicating with you about their struggles is okay daily because you are both together.

4 Celebrate your partner

You can show how you support your partner by being their biggest cheerleader and one who celebrates them.

Don’t hesitate to make them know how you value them, love them and how proud you are of them, especially when they achieve things.

They should be aware that they have you in their corner and that you aren’t leaving them.

5 Give them time

As previously discussed, there are times your partner is going through things, and they don’t want to discuss it.

You can show how you support them by giving them time to come out of their mood.

Remind them that they have you in their corner and that you will be there.

6 Ask them questions

Ask your partner questions like how they spent their day, what has been going on in their life, areas of concern, etc.

When you ask them questions, listen to their answer. Don’t miss the points they tell you because you failed to pay attention.

Also, understand that there are times that they may not focus their attention on you as you would want because of their job.

Show you support your partner and their career by asking them questions and understanding their answers and actions.

7 Be quick to apologize

How to be a supportive partner is being quick to apologize when you are wrong and even when you are not wrong sometimes.

You shouldn’t find it difficult to apologize to keep your relationship and support your partner.

It is often the minor things that make the most difference.

8 Have heart-to-heart discussions

I’m often of the opinion that no matter how things may seem going well, you need to have deep conversations with your partner.

Ask them questions and listen to them without distractions while discussing.

Do they feel loved?

What are their challenges?

How can you support them more?

Are you treating them right? etc

These are some of the questions they should answer so that you can devise ways to improve.

9 Give your partner room to do things

Perfectionists often have the problem of wanting to do everything by themselves because they feel another person can’t do it.

To be a supportive partner is practicing trust and believing in your partner’s abilities.

Allow them to do things their way or how they feel is correct. If you think they are not doing it well, tell them lovingly.

Please don’t give them the impression that you know they cannot do it right, so you won’t even allow them to try.

It would be best if you did not make assumptions about your partner’s inability. Trust that they can do something.

This trust you give them is often the support they need to do things, even when it relates to their personal or work life.

When they know you trust them to achieve things, they also move that mindset to their work life and are more audacious about going after their goals.

10 Validate their emotions

Most partners make the mistake of acting like their partner’s emotions are not genuine or with being acknowledged.

They try to invalidate their emotions or sometimes even make them feel that what they are upset about is too trivial.

Understand and validate their emotions. They have every right to feel the way they feel the same way you also have the right.

Please support their emotions even when you may not fully understand them.

Final thoughts

A relationship where both partners support each other makes room for a healthy relationship.

So, learn to support your partner by implementing these ten steps, especially with the mindset that you are your biggest cheerleader and support system.

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