How to build lasting friendships

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Our world being technologically advanced means that many people are so focused on their gadgets, social media, and the likes. They don’t take time to appreciate the present and what makes it up.

This means that most friendships, and family relationships suffer because we are no more concerned about physically being with someone when we can do that with just a click on the phone.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that social media is bad, or that it doesn’t help you stay connected with your friends or families that are miles away, but how about those people that are around you? Are you showering them with the attention that you should be giving?

As you are setting goals to reach personal development, spiritual, and academic heights, also set goals for your friendship and family relationships.

Decide to spend time with your loved ones without constantly looking at your phone. It will show that you care, that you are interested in what the other person has to say, or that the person is worthy of your attention.

Also, say nice things. it is important to gently point it out to people when they have erred. You won’t get an award for being the most blunt individual, who speaks without feelings, or is insensitive to other people. Now,I am not saying you should sugar-coat, or cover up, but learn how to word things well.

Please learn to say nice things, and compliment your family and friends. Don’t constantly look for faults to hammer on. If someone notices that you are constantly criticizing without appreciating them, they will run from you.

I hope this helps you to appreciate people more and build stronger, long lasting relationships.

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