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How to Cope With Adulthood

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“Adulthood is hard” we have heard this statement severally by most adults around us and on social media. They constantly say that being an adult is hard, so how can you cope with adulthood?

Why Is Adulthood Hard?

Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities that most times, we honestly aren’t prepared for.

Some of those responsibilities include taking care of ourselves financially and supporting others also as the case warrant. Financial independence is what most adults crave but it becomes hard when you get your paycheck or salary, and you have lots of expenses to take care of.

Most times, taking care of the home may be an added responsibility. You need to keep the home organized, think of food to prepare and eat, etc.

We also have to become more responsible by taking up early, taking care of our bills, having a saving plan so that we don’t end up bankrupt, or knowing how to budget our resources so that we have a little cushion for the rainy day. 

Most adults also complain of lacking enough free time to relax and unwind because of the many tasks they have to take care of. This sometimes takes an unnecessary toll on relationships, friendships, bonds, etc.

Lastly, adults are more pressured to succeed. People ask then they’re getting married, having kids, if their salary is okay, etc. This sometimes makes adults start comparing their lives.

All these and many more make adults complain about how difficult it is to be an adult. Some even wish they can rewind the hands of time and be young ago. But, unfortunately for them, such magic doesn’t happen, you just keep growing. 

How to Deal With Adulthood

1 Stop comparison

We are so concerned about whether we are doing better than others, or why things are not progressing the way we want them to. We forget that everyone has different timelines for achieving things.

The timeline we could see for ourselves includes when we are graduating from school, getting married, having a job, having a family, etc. Wanting all these and more is not bad, what is bad is seeing ourselves as failures when we fail to achieve it at the timeline we set.

Most time, the society we are in could be blamed for the pressure we feel because they are some people that will be bold enough to ask you why you aren’t achieving all these and go ahead to make you feel bad.

But, you are the ones that put the pressure on yourself. You have probably conditioned your mind to feel like you are disappointing others by not achieving all that.

Start by removing the pressure from yourself. Then, stop the comparison. Know that things will fall into place at the right time.

2 Be responsible

When I say you should be responsible I’m saying you should be responsible enough to take irresponsibility or the current point you are in your life. It is needless for you to play the blame game. Yes, life may not have been favorable to you. But, you can’t stay where you are forever.

Be resourceful. Know how you spend your income or anything that comes within your hands. Learn to think ahead, how and where do you see yourself in the future? Is it advisable to get into the debt you want to because you want something that Is above your means? Don’t be roped into unnecessary spending because you want to impress. 

3 Acknowledge your Emotions

Most adults like waving aside how they feel, and think it is not important. But, this is bad because when you don’t understand what you’re feeling like anger, guilt, sadness, grief, shame, etc it can lead to something way bigger than you can imagine.

Learn to acknowledge how you feel, overcome that feeling. This will help you feel much better and it will avoid future issues like depression, aggressiveness, sudden bouts of anger, anxiety, etc.

Discarding your feelings or emotions has never done anyone any good. You are human, acknowledge that, embrace your emotions, let go when you have to do.

4 Have goals and values

When you have goals, it is easier for you to know where you want your life to head, and work towards that. Your values on the other hand are what you need as a guide to achieving your goals.

Where do you see yourself shortly? What bothers you? What will you do to achieve the life you want? What annoys you?

You need to take your time and answer these questions because they will help you navigate adulthood a little bit easier.

5 Accept you are an adult

Hello, living in self-denial will not change the fact that you are an adult and have you man up to do those boring, frustrating, and most times needless things that we may want to shy away from.

Embrace the fact that you are a grown-up. Yes, on some days you may just want to curl up in your bed and do nothing, most of us experience that too. But, embrace the fact that you are an adult.

Show up for your work, wake up early, prepare your food and feed yourself, take care of your health, make your money. Do everything that you have to do to achieve the life you want.

Yes, many adults are just winging it. They have nothing figured out. They just do everything each day that they have to do because there is no other choice, especially when you have responsibility.

It will feel much better if you discuss with your friend or family member how you are feeling, what you are going through and how they can help.

Take time to unwind, especially during the weekends. Binge on those movies. Read the novel, book, blog posts. Chat on social media. Go on dates or take yourself out. Find time to recharge yourself at the place of prayer. Be in tune with yourself.

You will conquer this adulthood phase, conquerors. I’m cheering you on.

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