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How to Deal With Rejection

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How do you feel when you get a rejection? It could be a rejection mail for the job you applied for, a rejection from someone you declared your feelings to, a rejection of the ideas you are sharing, a total rebuff of your goals. Well, talking from several personal experiences I can assure you that the feeling is anything but good.

So, I will be sharing how to deal with rejection from a personal point of view with you. There’s something I’ve been applying for since January. Do you know when you have prayed, believed, given your best shot? Well, I got a rejection yesterday again, the fourth rejection to be specific.

I’m not sharing this to feel pity, I’m just sharing with you the lessons I learned. So, how did I deal with this?

3 steps I used in dealing with rejection 

1 I reached out to someone

The first thing I did was to reach out to a close friend of mine who knew about the application process, what I wanted to achieve with it, the efforts I put in, etc. I knew that just burying how I felt will not be healthy for me, and I needed to talk about it with someone else.

Honestly, I didn’t even know I needed the motivation words till they came. I’m personally not much of a crier, but I cried for minutes. After that call I felt strangely better remembering why I started my brand in the first place, and why I have to keep pushing.

My friend was the person I needed at that point to give me the pep talk I needed. It also helped me greatly that the person I reached out to helped solidify my vision again, and knew just what to say. 

Conquerors, have someone you can turn to when things seem to get ugly. While pursuing your endeavors, maintain a good relationship with people, and have someone or people who should be your biggest cheerleaders.

2 I remembered my Why

Having a strong reason why you are pursuing what you are pursuing or doing what you are doing will help keep you grounded even when things don’t go the way you want.

Your why should always be at the forefront of your mind? It should guide and remind you of what is important in your life.

It also helps to remind you that focusing on your purpose is required with the mindset that your profit or blessings will come later if not immediately.

3 I built my faith again

Conquerors having faith that even when things don’t seem to work out now, it will work out in the future is necessary for dealing with failure.

Even when faced with rejection, don’t give up, have faith in yourself, God, and what you are pursuing. There is nowhere it was stated that getting what you want will be easy for you.

Getting rejected is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. You can sulk for some time. But, dust yourself, re-strategize, go again if you have to. I’ll be cheering you on conquerors.

Did this prove helpful to conquerors?

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