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How to Keep the Spark Alive in Long-distance Relationship

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Many couples in long-distance relationships  wonder how to keep the spark alive in long-distance relationship.

Their anxiety that their relationship may go sour or they may fall out of love because of the distance is valid.

Why is it valid? Even when couples aren’t in a long-distance relationship and they see each other as much as they want to, they still drift apart.

Then imagine keeping a relationship where you guys don’t see each other for weeks, months, or even years because of a situation beyond your control.

When both people are committed to making a relationship work irrespective of the distance they will work to make it work and can even go on to become model couples for other people.

So, how do you make a relationship work notwithstanding the distance?

Tips that work

1 Schedule video calls

Talking to someone via phone calls or texts is different from seeing that person. I guess it is because you can see their facial expressions.

You can even take the calls a step further by scheduling date nights via video calls.

In this way, you both dress up as though you are going for an actual date with each other, order or cook the food, set the table, etc.

It may seem awkward at first but in no time you will get used to it. While this video date is going on, focus on your partner and try not to be distracted.

What are the things you would talk about if they were physically present? Talk about them during the video call.

Spontaneously calling your partner is amazing but also scheduling calls is great because you both will be looking forward to the time and you are not just tired from a long day and trying to talk to your partner.

2 Send them gifts

Our online world has made it easier to order gifts to be delivered to people anyway in the world. So, distance is not a problem here.

Send your partner gifts that prove to them how much you miss them and that you are thinking about them.

The gifts could be something of sentimental value, a gift that triggers a memory, or just anything that reminds them that they are in your thoughts.

You will be surprised how beneficial it helps to keep the spark alive in long-distance relationship.

3 Follow your partner’s friends or family on social media

This point is not for you to start spying on your partner. It is for you to get close to your partner’s inner circle.

At a point, your partner has probably introduced you or mentioned you to their family or friends so it is normal to have them on your social media profile.

Reach out to his or her friends especially those that are staying with them in that city. Find out how your partner is doing.

Doing these will give you and your partner things to talk about and it proves that you are still genuinely interested in them.

This also helps when you want to throw a surprise party or send a gift to your partner.

Those people are there with them and they can help you pull up a surprise for your partner.

4 Flirt with your partner

How to keep the spark alive in long-distance relationship is possible when you guys still flirt with each other like when you first met.

When you met your partner and in the initial stage of the relationship, it was easy to talk to each other about what you mean to each other and the attraction.

Being in a long-distance relationship should not stop that from continuing, instead, it should be done more often because you guys are miles apart.

Send those flirty texts or say those sexy things during phone calls. Don’t forget to send pictures to your partner.

When I talk about pictures, it should be pictures you are comfortable with. Are you having a girl’s or boys’ night out and you are dressing up for it? Send them a quick selfie.

Do you have trouble picking out outfits, ask for their opinion. These little things make them feel like they are not miles apart from you.

5 Visit new places together

As much as traveling to your partner’s city to see them can be an act of love, it can get boring most times.

So, plan to travel and visit new places together when you both have a lead busy schedule to do that.

So, instead of spending the weekend or a month in your partner’s city, decide to go to an entirely different city together and spend time there.

During those moments, it is good to catch up and explore different locations you guys didn’t have the time for.

Also, while planning this get-together, you both are excited, have lots of things to talk about regarding the details, and also have something to look forward to as a couple.

6 Know when you next are seeing

Having a definite date or month of when you are going to see your partner helps to keep the spark alive.

When you are in a long-distance relationship and you have no clue if you are going to see your partner in the coming months or weeks is off-putting.

Here, you are on edge, wondering what they are doing, thinking if they don’t miss you and that is why they are okay with not seeing you.

To keep these negative thoughts at bay, give a possible date of when you will see him or her next.

7 Send them messages

I don’t know about you, but I love some carefully and well thought out messages made just for me.

This shows your partner that you are thinking about them and this triggered you to express yourself beautifully to them.

The message or texts should convey exactly how you feel and what they mean to you not regarding the distance.

Writing exactly how you feel can be difficult so, click on the link for me to help you craft that love message for your partner.

Final thoughts

How keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship is not as difficult as most people make it look.

Implementing these suggestions will help you tremendously while also looking for other ways to keep the spark alive.

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