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How to Repair a Broken Relationship

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Knowing how to repair a broken relationship is important because human beings are imperfect, and this makes us filled with so many flaws. 

Most of these flaws enter our relationship with our family, partner, or friends. If care is not taken, it leads to a relationship being broken which leaves us feeling hurt and disappointed.

Relationships break for several reasons. It could be because of a cheating partner, distrust, inability to communicate well, built-up resentment, etc.

Still, there are some relationships that no matter how broken they are you believe can still work.

This is where knowing how to repair a broken relationship is important.

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1 Remind yourself why you are together

We are drawn to our partners for several reasons. It could be because they make us feel loved, are attentive to us, are caring, their values align with us, etc.

You can repair a broken relationship by thinking back to what drew you to him or her in the first place. What were the qualities, values, and things that made them amazing to you?

Sometimes, when you overlook all their flaws or what led to the relationship being broken, you will find reasons that solidify why you should stay together.

I’m not saying you should put up with an abusive or violent partner, you should walk away from such people.

2 Communicate with your partner

Most relationships break because of a lack of effective communication, most relationships can also be repaired through effective communication.

Your partner may not know that something is broken in your relationship, so you have to point out that, and communicate with them.

It is important you know when to bring up serious issues for discussion with your partner. Know the mood they are in. 

Communication cannot be effective if they are just coming back from somewhere exhausting and you start overwhelming them with questions or demanding communication. They may lash out at you when they are stressed and not relaxed.

Also, you must encourage honesty during the communication. They may hold off on saying what they are truly feeling or why the relationship is broken because they are afraid they may hurt you with honesty.

Know that communicating well will repair a broken relationship and communication is one of the key things you have to consider.

3 Do something special

Doing something special with or for your partner can help repair a broken relationship. It could be visiting the place you both first met, a place that holds string memories, or is sentimental to you both.

Alternatively, you both can visit somewhere new together, you could also take on a new hobby together. The aim is to do something special that reminds you both of what you mean to each other.

Doing something special doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant. It must be something thoughtful and nice to you both. You could just sit at the park, take walks holding hands, etc.

The time you are looking for to take that vacation with your partner to renew the lost spark may never come, so just try to improvise and use the time and resources available.

4 Reduce external influence

Most relationship issues can be dealt with if outsiders knew little about your relationship or the problems you both have. 

When you welcome external influence it is easier for you to pay attention to them and their advice while forgetting that what works for them in their relationship may not work for you.

A relationship is about you and your partner. So, be careful about how is privy to information about your relationship because they could help you destroy it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t seek out counsel from others, nor am I saying you should just shoulder or bear everything going wrong in your relationship without getting help, but being wise is necessary.

5 Decide to forgive

To repair a broken relationship requires the decision to forgive and stick to it. Yes, your partner may have done something hurtful to have broken the relationship, but forgiving is how you both will get past it.

Truly forgiving your partner means you have to let go of the anger, hurt, resentment, bitterness, and everything that will prevent you both from moving on together.

You must have the mindset that whatever led to the relationship being broken is in the past and should stay there. When you both talk it over, there is no need to constantly bring up the past.

Forgiving your partner will take more time than you can imagine because forgiveness is a process. Just ensure that the decision to forgive and take steps towards doing that is there.

While trying to forgive your partner, taking steps to be completely honest with each other is what you must do. A relationship that is veiled by secrets and dishonesty will not stand strong for long.

6 Have boundaries

There must be dos and don’ts in a relationship. This doesn’t prevent you both from being spontaneous in your relationship.

Setting boundaries can help repair a broken relationship. You cannot set boundaries and expect your partner not to also set theirs. Neither should you impose your boundaries before discussing them with your partner.

The boundaries set could be to prevent what made the relationship broken in the first place from reoccurring. It could also be to avoid future arguments or setbacks that may lead to problems.

Respecting each other’s boundaries will help strengthen your relationship by building trust, respect for each other, and love. Respecting boundaries should be a two-way street, it should be mutual for both of you to feel loved, heard, and respected.

Final thoughts

Every relationship has its downsides and things may occur that may make you both feel that the relationship is broken. But, if a relationship is worth fighting for, then that should be done.

After the honeymoon phase of a relationship, a decision to love your partner is what keeps it going. So, try to repair what is broken if it is possible instead of just breaking up.

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