How to set goals

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The next big question after knowing what a goal is and what it entails is how to set them. I will be talking about that today, that is, how to set your goals.

How to set goals

So, below are 5 steps to set goals.

1 Set achievable goals

Avoid setting too many goals that will only leave you feeling unnecessarily overwhelmed. Most times, because you want your goals to look much, you keep on including those goals you have no real reason of including in your list.

At the end of the day, what you have written down seem too bulky and too long or impossible for you to achieve which leaves you feeling unmotivated to achieve them.

So, cut them down, what isn’t needed should be removed from your list. Let your goals be realistic for you to achieve.

2 Break down your goal

You may want to earn one million monthly, but it takes earning 6 figures monthly before reaching that point, it may also involve increasing your work hours, promoting yourself, getting referrals, etc. 

Break down those goals. How do you want to achieve them? What steps do you have to put in place to achieve them? What can be done daily to draw you closer to those big goals?

Also, know that some of your goals should be short or long terms, and break them down accordingly.

3 Put systems in place to achieve them:

For some people, setting goals is easy but achieving them seems to be the problem. You don’t want to be among those who just set what they want without achieving them.

So, while setting your goal or plan, list out how you want to achieve each of them. What steps must you take?

For example, you want to be fit, it will start with you exercising daily, watching what you eat, etc before you get the body you want.

4 Review them:

After setting your goal, remember that you have to constantly review them.

While doing that, ask yourself if it is still important, what you have achieved, why the goal don’t seem important again, etc. Reviewing them also gives you free ideas on how to achieve them faster.

Also, you should not let fear dominate or make you think that you cannot achieve what you have written down.

Don’t accept doubts from people or yourself concerning your ability to achieve your goal. Your goal should not be to impress anybody. Do it for yourself!

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