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How to stop being moody: 10 steps that work

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Many people and probably you inclusive have researched how to stop being moody at one point in your life.

Ever been at that point where you can’t pinpoint exactly what is making you sad and moody but you can’t seem to feel yourself?

It seems like nothing interests you and you are in this funk that you can’t seem to do anything about even when you try.

But, how can you stop being moody and go back to being your normal cheerful and happy person?

1 Get to the root of it

There are times we say that we are moody without any reason and we have no idea how to stop being moody.

The truth is, something must have triggered you to be moody.

It could be something someone said or did. It could also be that you have lots of things that you have been repressing.

So, you must first get to the root of why you are moody so that you can come out of it.

2 Talk to someone

It is never out of style to talk to someone about your mood, feelings, and why you are moody.

Human beings weren’t built to be alone that is why having family or friends to talk to is important.

But, you must also be aware of who you are talking to and spilling what is bothering you.

Something, just talking to someone without even getting any idea on what to do can make you feel better.

3 Journal

If you are someone who prefers figuring things out on your own and not disclosing your thoughts, then journaling is the way to go.

I journal occasionally and I can’t begin to tell you how it feels to just put everything out there.

It greatly improves your mood and makes you feel better at the same time. So, journaling can also help you stop being moody.

4 Spend time with family

Sometimes, even the most introverted person needs their family when they are in a bad mood.

Your family could be your partner, parents, or siblings that have known you for a long time and can help you stop being moody.

Your family can help you get out of a bad mood and make you happy.

Sometimes, they don’t even need to do anything, just their presence alone gives you satisfaction and joy.

It also helps if they know exactly what to do and say to make you cheerful.

5 See a movie

If you are a movie person and even when you aren’t a great fan of movies watching comedy movies can help make you happy.

Movies never stop making you forget your reality because you are so immersed in the storyline and plot unraveling before you.

It works faster if you are watching a comedy movie or series and you laugh heartily. It will make you forget what has put you in that funk and make you happy.

6 Hang out with your friends

I believe that friends are supposed to play different parts in your life.

There could be friends that are meant to advise you, others for social activities, others for work, etc. It is rare for one friend to fill up every part of your life.

So, when you are moody, hang out with your friends who will help lighten you up and make you happy.

Just going out with them to fun places, talking, and catching up may be just what you need how to stop being moody.

7 Go online

Nowadays, there are several social media platforms that you can go to, and see videos, pictures, or memes that can help you stop being moody.

Watching comedy skits on different social media platforms or just watching something interesting can be just what you need.

Go on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platforms and communicate with people.

You shouldn’t however use social media to avoid what is wrong with you.

8 Do fun activities

There are several activities that you can do which will help you improve your mood fast.

You could play games, go hiking, play sports if you are into sports, go to a recreation center or simply play and let loose.

These activities tend to release your inhibitions and make you forget what has placed you in a funk which improves your mood.

You could do these fun activities with your partner, friend, or family member, and doing them with people can give you the extra nudge you need to feel better.

9 Go out

Simply walking and taking in your surrounding or environment is what you need to be happy.

Our lives can be busy and chaotic on most days that we don’t take the time to appreciate our surroundings.

So, take the time to fully take in your surroundings or dress up and go out.

Take yourself out to that restaurant or sit out you haven’t had the time to because of your schedule.

A new environment can work wonders on a person’s mental state and can help you be happy.

10 Read books and listen to music

There are tons of books to read and several musics you can listen to that can help with your mood.

The truck is just finding the right one that can make you feel a whole lot better.

Books never go out of style in improving people’s mood same way serenading yourself with music can lift your spirit.

You can ask for recommendations from people to get started.


How to stop being moody involves a deliberate effort on your part because you are the only one that can bring yourself out of your moodiness.

Also, know yourself enough to know when you start feeling sad or disinterested in things.

Coming out of moody early can go a long way in preventing you from slipping into depression.

Take care of yourself and love yourself enough while watching out for things that could trigger you into feeling moody.

You are the only person who can take care of yourself enough and prioritize yourself.



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