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January 2022: 4 books I read

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At the beginning of this year, I decided to read at least 4 books monthly.

I am happy that January started On a good note, I smashed my reading goals for the month. I only hope the streak continues throughout the year.

So, I will be reading a lot of fictions, law related novels, inspirational or self-help books and business books this year.

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4 books I read

1 The high five habit by Mel Robbins

This Is an inspirational book. I even did a review of this book on my blog, you should check it out.

The book talks about motivating yourself and cheering yourself on using the High Five. It also talks about the mindset changes you need to make for the habit to be effective.

2 Making money on Blogging by Robert Kasey

If you want to start blogging, then this is the right step tor you. It gives you the foundation on the niche you have to choose, the tools, and possible way of monetizing your blog. It is really effective for you to use.

I had to read the book because it comes highly recommended and I am looking at ways to monetize my blog this year. You should check it out if you are thinking of blogging. This is the first business-related book for this year.

3 The werewolf tycoon’s baby by Celia Kyle

If you love werewolf-themed books then this one is great. The novel is a love story between a werewolf and a human that nearly turned sour. It also highlights the importance of communication in a relationship. The book is a great read.

4 The fastest way to fall by Denise Williams

A fictional romantic novel you should read. This book was awesome especially because it talked about loving your body irrespective of the size. It talks about exercise, career, and love in the most unlikely times. I look forward to reading more of her books.

Will you check them out Conquerors?

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