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Keep believing

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“They believed, even when they saw reasons not to” those words has been reoccurring in my mind, until I had the opportunity to pen it down for the past few days.

This word is a reminder that even when situations seems not to be in line with what you wanted, things seem not to go as you planned, or wanted, you can still choose to believe.

Believe could be about you believing in God, the validity of your dreams or goals, the assurance in God’s words that things will get better, the hope that life will not always be at the point you are in currently, or the assurance that your life can only get better.

Yes, situations might tell you otherwise. It might even shake your faith in God and hope in the fulfillment in your vision. It might make doubt creep in. It might even make you wonder why God gave you those dreams in the first place, or if your purpose is even right.

Your doubtful mind may convince you that the pursuit is worthless. It might start craving for the past life where you had no vision or purpose to drive you. It is in those moments that you must remind yourself that is way better to dream that to be visionless. Remember that though it might take long for your dreams to be fulfilled, it will be manifested one day.

Just keep believing in God, yourself, and your purpose. Take steps no matter how little, and move forward with your purpose guiding you.

Will you keep on trusting your process?
Let me know in the comments section.

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