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Korean Series Recommendation

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Secret Affair

After seeing A world of married couple I had to watch this movie because of Kim HeeAe’s top-notch acting skills. I couldn’t believe that it is a 2014 movie.

This movie emphasized the point that you shouldn’t judge someone unless you are in their shoes. It also highlighted that love can come at any time even when you may want to push it away.

Lee Seonjae falls in love with his piano teacher, Director Oh who is 20 years older than her.

Director Oh is nothing short of elegant, and knows just what she wants while working in the Arts Foundation, she managed to make herself indispensable.

Married to Professor Kang in a loveless marriage, in the long run, she could no longer wave aside the mutual attraction she felt for her student.

I don’t want to give any spoilers because of how good the movie Is. It covers romance, classical music if you are into that, the storyline is simply awesome.


Jung Geum-Ja becomes a lawyer to make money. She looks for rich clients and does everything to win her cases, things that most lawyers wouldn’t do.

She makes Yoon Hee Jae fall in love with her and pretends she is not a lawyer in the process to steal the medical record needed to win her case

Soon, Jung is working with Yoon in Song and Kim law firm. Yoon doesn’t hide the fact that he is still in love with her.

They go ahead to win several cases and eventually manage to put Mr. Song behind bars.

Juvenile Justice

“I detest young offenders” when a Judge said that I knew from the start that she had a personal problem with them. Side note, with the rate I’m sometimes able to predict Korean movies without reading the synopsis I should be getting an award.

This movie talks about crimes committed by young children, and how a judge always wants to give them the maximum sentences that the Juvenile Act prescribes.

She lost her child as a result of two young offenders who walked out unscathed, this only fueled her desire as a judge to see them face the full wrath that the juvenile Act allows.

The casting for the movie was spot on, they didn’t unnecessarily drag the movie-making each episode interesting, and the acting was great. It’s a great movie especially if you love thrillers.

A world of married couple

“Marriage is a delusion” this Is what Dr. Ji says, and it made me think deeply.

At first, she seemingly has it all. She is the associate director of a hospital, a loving son, and a loving husband. But, when she realizes that her husband has been cheating on her and her acquaintances were aware, she loses it.

Tae Oh lied that he wasn’t cheating even when his wife made it clear that she could forgive him provided he said the truth.

Dr. Ji proceeded to make divorce plans and succeeded. Their son becomes kleptomania and acts out.

Two years later, Tae Oh is married to the former mistress and returns as a big-shot movie producer with Jenny, the product of that adultery.

The movie progresses, and it shows that most couple gets divorced, they are still entangled, and can rarely get over the fact that they are divorced.

I loved how Dr. Ji delivered her role in that movie beautifully. Other characters also did a fantastic job.

If you are looking for love, betrayal, and hurt, you should watch this movie. It is eye-opening.

Cinderella and the four knights

I was expecting to see a typical Cinderella story when I downloaded this movie to watch, but I loved how it exceeded my expectations.

A young girl decides to live in the Haneul house with the four grandsons of Haneul groups to change their characters and bring them closer.

The condition is not to date anyone in the house, and in exchange get her college tuition and other expenses are taken care of.

The girl ended up falling in love with one of the grandsons, while also succeeding in her various tasks.

This movie highlights the fact that family is everything while also focusing on the themes of love, trust, betrayal, etc. I especially love the ost.

The King Eternal Monarch

I loved how interesting the storyline of this series was, the characters also interpreted their roles beautifully.

In this movie, a parallel world exists. This means that there are duplicates of people in these two worlds. Initially, only the King and the King’s uncle are aware of it. 

Later on, the King meets the policewoman who he saw in his world, and fell in love with her. He makes her believe that there is a parallel world.

Together, they can win against the King’s uncle and ensure that there is balance in both worlds.

It’s okay not to be okay

When I read the title of this movie, I knew that it will be interesting. Let me start by commending how this movie talked about autism, mental health, and dealing with traumas.

A writer decides to fall in love with a caregiver who has an autistic older brother. Even when he resists, she makes the autistic man decides to work for her, thereby making the caregiver also agree.

Their lives are intertwined because she saved the caregiver when he was young and drowning, while her mother kills the caregiver’s mom.

They fall in love, but their love story nearly gets truncated when the writer’s mother decides to pull them apart.

If you are looking for something interesting, though filled with some sad moments, you should see this movie.

Cheese in the trap

This is a 2016 rom-com series that I enjoyed seeing, particularly because of the school setting.

A wealthy guy who is a sociopath falls for a soft, intelligent, and smart for in their department.

The guy has gotten used to hurting people without feeling any sort of remorse because of how he has previously been hurt.

Their relationship has too many dramas, and towards the end of the movie, he decides to leave his girlfriend and the country. Years after breaking up, she still sends him emails though it remains unrealized.

One ordinary day

Someone’s life can change so much in a day or night. A young guy takes his father’s taxi to go hang out with his friends but ends up carrying a passenger.

He ends up in her house where they slept together. He woke up to find out that she has been brutally murdered.

All evidence points at him, he gets convicted and he starts engaging in vices. It is a great quick series to see.

Find me in your memory 

A news anchor has a memory that remembers everything, while an actress has forgotten a large chunk of her memory in a bid to live.

She asks him out and he kero turning her down because she was his late fiancee’s best friend.

Later, he gives in but their relationship passes through challenges when she finally remembers her friend’s death.

Arthdal chronicles

If you love historical drama, then you should see this movie. I recommend it and I can’t wait for the second season of the movie.

It is filled with suspense, love, betrayal, hurt, hatred, etc.

Other Korean series I recommend that you will love are:

uncanny counter


Red Sleeve

Doctor prisoner

Ghost doctor 

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