Lessons I learned from The High Five Habit

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Mel Robbins never fails to inspire me with her books and motivational speech. The High 5 habit talks about how you can take control of your life using the High 5 habit.

Besides High fiving yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror, the mental and psychological reasoning you have needs to change for you to feel inspired.

In the pages of the book, what to do to make the High 5 habit work was talked about.

I learned so many things from the book, and I’ll be sharing some of them with you.

Lessons Learned from The High Five Habit

1 You are not the failure, disappointments, or bad things you experience. You are more than that.

2 Your dreams do not disappear even when you think that you have forgotten them. it only stays in your subconscious, and when you achieve them, you remember them.

3 Believe and trust in yourself that you can be all that you are meant to be.

4 No matter what happens, never gives up on yourself.

5 Flip the way you look at things and yourself. Try to find the good in them.

6 It’s not all jealousy that Is bad. sometimes, jealousy is a sign that you can and should have the thing you are craving for.

7 Don’t allow self-doubt to prevent you from living the life you are meant to live.

8 It is not all criticisms you should listen to. learn to filter what you listen to.

9 Having the required courage to pursue your dreams is sometimes more important than achieving them because, for most people, starting is a problem.

10 You can face whatever it is that you think you can’t. so, stop fretting.

Have you read the book conquerors? if you haven’t, will you read it?

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