Loving your career

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Developing a likeness or loving your career can be difficult, especially when it is not a job you envisioned yourself doing.

However, that does not prevent you from trying. Loving your career will help you advance in your professional life, and give you a sense of fulfillment.

Below, are three steps that will teach you how to love your career:

1 Remember you chose it: Assuming you didn’t choose it, or circumstances made you start working on that job you don’t actually like, it doesn’t prevent you from making the most out of it.

 Please, I am not talking about doing something illegal, but I feel like I must point it out. I am talking about loving that honest, legal job you chose to do.

2) Remind yourself one thing you love about it: Even in the worst job, there is still one thing there is to love about it. It could be the fact that it puts food on your table, the fact that you get to meet or interact with like-minded individuals who work the same job, or it could also be because you contribute to a greater cause. That should be enough reason tor you to love the job, no matter how it might suck for you.

3) Know you cannot succeed at what you hate: Many people complain at being stuck at one point in their career even when sometimes the problem comes from them.

They rant all the time about how they hate their job, and still expect to be promoted or given a raise. When you hate something, you will always think or say bad things about it, and never work to improve it.

This also applies to your job. You say you hate it, and you don’t put in your best effort. Others that put in their best effort will get promoted, and you will still be stuck at that low position.

Today, decide to love that job or career that you are currently doing. It might not be your ideal job, but it is something. Yes, you want better opportunities, but can you at least love what you have right now?
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