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My sister the serial killer.

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I can’t believe I used less than 3 hours to finish this novel, that was how good the writer was, and how suspense filled it was for me. It is written by Oyinkan Braithwaite.

A little summary of the book:
Ayoola murders Femi, and calls her elder sister to help clean and dispose of the body. Korede likes Doctor Tade who becomes animated when she sees Ayoola, her junior sister.

Will Ayoola, the serial killer also kill Doctor Tade? Will she and her sister be exposed?

The novel is a good and intriguing read, though many questions were left unanswered for me. If there is a sequel, I’ll love it.

The ending for me is a cliff hanger, and I loved it. I couldn’t help but learn somethings from the novel.

1 Family is everything, they will always have your back and they make sacrifices for each other.

2 The evil you do always haunt you no matter how you might try to act otherwise.

3 Just like Korede had Mukhtar to confess and alleviate her guilt, we also need someone to talk to, especially about things that bother us.

Did you learn something from the novel? let me know in the comments section.

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