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You are not alone

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You might have gone through challenges in life which you think others have not passed through. Which is a lie from Satan! 

Things don’t just seem to make headway no matter how you try, strive and put in your best shot. You are seemingly convinced that you are bad luck or you have streaks of bad luck which is not true.

The thing is, as long as you are living, you are bound to get disappointed sometimes even when you try to avoid it; not being discouraged is what you should strive to achieve.

No one is certain of life, I don’t think that there is anyone who has never been sad before because things did not go as planned. But, must you be weighed down because of it? Must happiness seep out from your life totally because of it?  

You might have failed, that shows you are human. 
Things did not go as planned, only God is certain and knows why it didn’t. 
Those you trusted hurt you badly, remember they are humans.

Now, what will you do about it?
Will you be weighed down by it? 
Will you put a stop to your life because of those disappointments?

I heard somewhere that most times, the problem is not the challenge or setback you encountered, the problem is how you responded to it. Do you see the lessons to learn form it, or do you feel like it is only you that has problems?

Why don’t you choose to glean lessons from that challenges and decide to move forward? 
Why don’t you make a conscious decision to be happy, and let nothing prevent you from that? 
Why don’t you move forward and let God take the lead? 

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Ukeme-obong Chris

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