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Questions to ask before entering into a relationship

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A relationship is a big deal. You need to be sure that you are ready. There are questions you need to ask yourself before entering into a relationship.

If your relationship has failed in the past or you have misgivings about entering into a relationship. Then, this article Is for you.

Am I ready?

This is a question that needs an honest answer because this will affect the effort you put in for the relationship to work

Do you have a work project that will take up your time or other endeavors that will make committing to a relationship difficult?

Answer these questions before you enter into a relationship.

Is this a rebound?

If you think that you will date a new partner because you are not over your ex, then the relationship is bound to fail.

Are you over your ex or you are still hung up over them? 

You should not use another person to get over your ex because you will be playing with their feelings and self-esteem.

Why did your last relationship fail?

You need to answer this question if you do not want the new relationship to fail.

What do you have to change? What adjustments do you need to carry out? Are there boundaries you need to set? These should be answered.

Why do you want to date?

You must know why you want to enter into a relationship. Is it to overcome loneliness or because everyone thinks you should date?

Do you want a serious relationship or do you just want to while away time. Entering a relationship should come with a goal in mind.

Is this person compatible?

I know that your partner cannot be 100% compatible with you but the person you want to date should be compatible to a certain degree.

Does this person share the same values or morals as you? 

These are some of the questions you should ask before entering into a relationship.

What do you think, let me know in the comments section?

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  1. Daniel ray

    Hi Author . My name is Daniel, and I really appreciate your work here. So I have a lil problem! HOW DO I BUILD A LASTING RELATIONSHIP? for the past four years since I broke up with my ex, although she’s now married but I still find it hard to move on with another girl. When I thought I was going to build something that would last, it crashed 3 days into the relationship. I kinda compare any girl I meet with my ex. PS: I’m a BLOGGER but I haven’t been able to deal with this issue so I don’t really know what to write about it.

    1. Ukeme-obong Chris

      Daniel, it isn’t possible to be in a long term relationship with someone who isn’t. So, you should first of all ask the lady you want to date if she is ready for something long term.

      Also, you should have a level of friendship with the lady and discuss certain things with her before asking her out.

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