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Reasons you should Keep Going Forward

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Going forward

Life can be unnecessarily hard which makes it difficult to keep going forward for you.

Maybe you lost a loved one, you dread Mondays, you’ve received tons of rejection emails, you got a bad doctor’s report, you don’t know where the next paycheck will come from, etc.

Honestly, you are not the only one going through something difficult. Other people are going through something similar or something different from what you are going through.

But, the trick is to keep going forward despite everything that seems to go on in your life. 

How do you do this? Well, listed are 10 reasons why you should keep going forward.

1 You have so much to achieve

I don’t know if it is just me but anytime I write goals down that I want to achieve I immediately feel hopeful and excited about the possibilities ahead.

So, that passion you have to achieve all those things you have written down or thought about should be enough reason to keep going forward.

Your situation may make your dream seem out of reach for you, it may seem like you are dreaming too much or being too hopeful.

But, what if your dream is just days or weeks away from coming true provided you don’t give up?

Currently, your goals may seem impossible to achieve but they should also give you the hope and courage you need to keep going forward because nothing will beat the feeling of achieving them.

2 Do it for you

Most of the actions we take and most of the things we do is ultimately for our benefit.

You are you, and there is nobody like you in this world, and that should be enough reason for you to keep going forward.

Everything that you require to live the life you want, achieve your dreams, and succeed is at your disposal.

You may be thinking about the finances that aren’t forthcoming or the lack of devices to learn that skill you want.

But, you are alive. You have the determination and most importantly you are optimistic that if you keep going forward you will succeed.

Another thing you should note is that nobody owes you anything. You owe it to your future self to succeed and live the life you intend to live.

3 It’s okay to fail

One thing that may be crippling you and preventing you from going forward may be your fear of failure.

Over time, I have realized that there is no clear-cut way or full assurance that you will achieve everything you try your hands at.

Successful people have this mindset and it makes them view failures as a learning process and prove that they are going forward in their life.

Refuse to be caged by your fear. Move inspite of your fear. What if you succeed at that which you plan to do whereas fear is trying to prevent you from trying.

4 This phase shall pass

There is a popular saying I love so much, and it is “this too shall pass”

In life, things change, and nothing lasts. This gives us the hope that what we are currently going through won’t last.

This is enough encouragement to keep going forward. Don’t allow that situation or phase in life to make you halt completely.

Take steps no matter how little and believe you’ll come out victorious.

5 You can only keep going

Those who have not rock bottom in their lives have discovered that the easiest way they could come out of it was to keep going forward.

This is the truth, you can only keep going forward to overcome what you are going through.

I may not fully understand what you are going through but don’t you think it is better to keep going forward than to stay stuck?

Being in one place for long won’t do you any good. You cannot keep making excuses or laying blames.

6 Someone is waiting for your story

There is something I’ve learned from reading inspirational books or memoirs and that is, that I get inspired by what the writer went through and it gives me hope.

This is the same thing you can do for someone else. The world is waiting for your story. Scratch that, someone who will connect with your story is waiting for it.

You can only inspire or motivate someone else but what you went through if you keep going forward. 

What you went through can help someone else who is going through a similar thing or situation. So, you can’t give up.

Your story may be just what they need to believe that they can come out of the situation victorious and that the world isn’t all that bad.

7 You can overcome it

I believe that we generally have no idea of how strong we are until we have faced something we thought we could never overcome.

Your physical body is designed to go through so much pain but still find the ability to persist.

Also, your mental health is strong enough to keep believing despite what your reality may show.

So, give yourself words of affirmation that you can scale through this and come out of it. You can only find out how strong you are and how much you can ensure when you keep going forward.

8 Worse things could have happened

The reality is that no matter what you are going through it could be worse.

People are going through worse things than you are going through. 

I am not saying this to discredit your pain but to make you reflect on your life.

Think back on your life and the hardships you have overcome. Reflect on others who had it worse than you but were able to scale through.

So, don’t throw a pity party for yourself. View yourself as a victorious person and keep going forward because that is the only thing you can do.

9 Compete with your previous self

Comparison has prevented many people from going forward in their lives.

They look at the coworkers, friends, classmates, and family members that are doing better and they convince themselves that there is no point in trying.

Look at yourself in the mirror and realize that your greatest competitor is not anyone else but yourself.

Daily, strive to be better than who you were yesterday. Be better, do better, focus on yourself, and improve.

If you focus on others you will always find ways in which you are lacking and areas you don’t measure up. So, save yourself that stress.

10 You are someone’s role model

Should I tell you that you are someone’s role model so that you find a reason to keep going forward?

Well, that is the truth. The person may never tell you, or they may never comment on any of your posts on social media but they are looking at you and feeling inspired.

Show those people who are secretly cheering for you and believing in you that you cannot give up on your dreams and you can only keep going forward.

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